5 Benefits of Using Video

Last Update: January 05, 2019

Did you know these 5 Benefits of Using Video?

  • (1) 1. They are very easy to make (once you get them down).
    2. Videos lead to much higher conversions than just text.
    3. You can provide people with “help” via videos.
    4. Build a video following and enhance your brand.
    5. Videos get indexed like crazy.
  • (2) Now trust me, these five benefits come directly from Wealthy Affiliates Bootcamp Training: Phase 4 - Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media: Creating Your Own Videos

Well the $64,000 question is, “Have you ever thought about how you wanted to use video to present your business niche?” It’s this question that will address the above training benefits.

In this training, making the videos was address more for the application you use to get the whole process started. Now if you are doing your own video you have already addressed the “HOW” question. On the flip side of the statement, if you have not addressed the “HOW”, this training gets you familiar with some start up software etc.

DISCLAIMER: This does not require anyone to be tech savvy are any special knowledge to get started.

In this training you see apps for MAC and others for Mac/PC. So based on your operating system you will have different options for starting your videographer career…….maybe!

Screen capture is what the bulk of the conversation was spent on because it is one of the simplest means of setting up a training video without having to get into some real detailed work.

Some tools discussed were Screenr (http://www.screenr.com ); Jing (http://techsmith.com/jing.html ); Camtasia (http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia). These are just a few and more are covered in the training both for purchase, free and others online.

Now whichever application you decide to go with, I do suggest that you spend time with your chosen application to become familiar and comfortable with how to use it.

Why you might ask. Unless you plan to make video a major part of your presentation, it will take you a couple times to become comfortable with accomplishing whatever your video task at the time may be. So, make your section, load it and “play” around with its options a bit.

Just like Kyle said in the training, he may only use 1/10 of 1/20 of the actual functionality in the application but you do need to become familiar with the working of your app before you need it.

Finally, as in all training you are asked to do a step or two to ensure your understanding of the training, “Create a practice video about Wealthy Affiliate”. Simple enough, I choose a web link about WA and recorded my scrolling the page while “screen capturing”.

The link: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/a_aid/0d87e63e/

The video:

Can be found on YouTube as ScreenCapture01

It’s that simple! Get your app and put the benefits of video to work for you!

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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Donnie.
DonnieK2 Premium
Not a problem at all, thanks for the response!
Mick18 Premium
Not here yet, but will bookmark for later. Thanks for sharing.
DonnieK2 Premium
You are welcome for the information and not a problem for sharing. It will help along the way.
Thanks for your response.
marchanna Premium
Good reminder and summary of the power of video!
DonnieK2 Premium
You are right, the fact that we don't use it that often, we may forget the actual power that it holds just doing the simple things and screen capture is one.
Kerjackie Premium
Great! well said, Donnie, I haven't tried yet to work with video, I understand that to start with video, you need some practice to become familiar with.
But the way you are talking about the benefits of using video makes me want to try. I will bookmark your appealing article.
DonnieK2 Premium
I am just saying, if you plan on adding more video uses to your business, spend extra time in understanding your application/software to see what all it can offer you.
Practice makes perfect and knowledge in this case.
Thank you for sharing Donnie.
DonnieK2 Premium
You are welcome, just sharing.
I know. Very good info to have when I get to that part of training.