3 Years at WA. 3 Years of Struggle. 3 Years of Wisdom.

Last Update: Aug 10, 2019

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I'm writing this review in August 10, my 3rd year anniversary inside Wealthy Affiliate.

So far, I'm satisfied with what I've gone through, even with the fact that I kept leaving the platform for months and not maintaining my website.

Should I celebrate? Heck yeah!

That's 3 years I've faced despite all the odds AND the 'shiny objects' I kept chasing but failing to have success with.

I'm not sure with what I can accomplish in the upcoming 4th year, but please hope that I keep on pursuing my online business in the years to come.

My Heavily-Binded Contract: 10 Years

If there was one thing that shiny objects brought up from within me, it was the tendency for me to keep coming back to my website that I created inside Wealthy Affiliate.

No matter how long I quit The Passionate Marketer (my bootcamp-focused website), I always return and keep publishing content inside this seemingly hopeless blog.

Of course, it's my fault for leaving it for months, which kept it from growing in search engine traffic.

But in the present time (right NOW), I've got no plans of leaving it anymore.

The only time I would ditch this website, is when it reaches 10 YEARS.

That is, if TPM will still fail to give me results.

The year count would start from the moment I registered this website (2016), then 10 years later when it reaches 2026.

And I don't care if I go slow and not implement new tactics to increase my business.

I've just got one condition for myself: STAY.

Let Me Ask You, Is 10 Years Enough to See Success?

My progress is slow.

But it doesn't mean I won't make it 'til the end.

What if I kept on celebrating my WA anniversaries? From 4th to 10th?

Won't I be successful by that time?

My progress might be slow in the past 3 years, thanks to bastards out there who kept distracting me with their 'latest money-making system' and 'push button' stuff.

But what if for the next 7 years, I stop paying attention to them and now focus on the stuff that truly matter and is legit?

Will I be given a break?

I hope so.

What do you think, all ye' hardworking Wealthy Affiliate friends? Is 10 years enough time for me to get a big break? How are you doing right now in your businesses?

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Hey my friend, never give up. Just keep on, keeping on! Things can only get better.

I will sure do Ronald, thanks.

Let's stay Dominic success is very near.

Amen. Let's hope for this very near success.

Hi Dominic. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary here at WA. All the very best for your 4th year. Be persistent and keep your focus.


Sure Carol, I would surely be stubborn in pursuing this online business I'm running. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing Dominic! I send you a PM to connect with you :)

Thanks Roope, let's connect then :)

Dominic, you have a time horizon common to some of the most successful online marketers. You are looking outwards 10 years.

Lots of us struggle to look beyond one year or even a month or two.

So create some long-term goals and plans to go with short term ones.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom Glen, I'm now looking to connect the short-term and long-term goals I have to form a big picture.

Recently, I started drawing a calendar in my personal notebook for, the remaining months of 2019, then a year later, then 5 years later, then 10 years to see how I will go about this business. I then write possible routes and scenarios to turn TPM's direction.

Let's hope I get awesome results when that time comes.

Hi, Dominic. Nice meeting you.
I do not know how to advise you. I just leave you a quote:

If you want to make positive changes in your life:
Don't sit on the couch and wait for it.
Go out. Make a change.
Smile more. Be excited.
Do new things.
Throw away what you've been cluttering.
Do not follow negative people on social media.
Go to bed early. Wake up early.
Be fierce.
Don't gossip.
Show more gratitude.
Do things that challenge you.
Be brave.

I think it is also good if you re-read again an article written by Kyle: All the best, Dominic. and keep focus.

Nice list of tips you've put here, Chang. I'm sure in the perfect times, I shall remember these nuggets of wisdom to help keep me back on track. Thank you!

Congratulations on reaching that milestone, Dominic, I certainly hope that you stick to it, try cutting the 10 to 5 and then when you get used to that idea cut it to 4.

That means that this is your year, give it your best shot and just stick to the program.

The WA program that is.

Best wishes, if you get caught in the middle just reach out.

My 10-year contract simply implies that I stay a very long time inside WA while pursuing my business. So yeah, I would stay for the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th year to see how far I could go.

Thanks for the support by the way, I appreciate it!

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