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Last Update: Jan 28, 2021

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When it comes to themes, many website builders and trainers, seems to have the same thought and attitude.

Theme are generally treated as unimportant; the attitude is: just select one that looks good, and let’s move on with the more important part of web-building.

Someone recently said to me don’t focus too much on what your site looks like, focus more on content; I’ve since passed on this info without thinking.

That same day, I decided it would be better to do a little research on themes since I’m was seriously thinking about changing my present theme, and not knowing where to start selecting one that’s would complement my niche.

Content may be key, but you also want to put a little thought into the theme, after all you’re presenting your hard work to the world, and it should look good.

Here is what I have discovered about themes:

They are themes that are designed especially for the affiliate marketers.

From there you can select one that is suitable for your niche.

Themes can also help your SEO ranking, some themes come with a variety of build-in tools, which makes it easier to edit your articles, insert images, auto plugins etc.

There are a wide variety of free themes, many offers just the basic, then you have to upgrade to the pro version to enjoy the extra benefits such as done for you plugins, widgets etc.

When you find an affiliate theme provider that you prefer, they are more likely to have memberships. You have to pay attention here, some membership only offers tech support for the first year, after that you are on your own, or you may be able to renew the membership annually.

Whatever your theme choice please make sure of the following:

  • Must be mobile and PC responsive
  • Fast loading
  • High click thru rate – CTR
  • Good support
  • Beginners – keep theme simple

Please feel free to add more helpful tips.


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Recent Comments


Very nice suggestions! I agree, theme is important for what we present.

Thank you for sharing.


Thank you Meena for stopping by and for
your valuable comment.


Melanie, what an interesting topic you've written about?
Before I chose my theme, I did a research and found out all of the above that you said

I was quite pleased with myself. I felt my research was paid off.
What I was not expecting was the limited or no option of using fonts.

When I realised that setback, because I was enjoying the theme so much, I emailed the person/ organisation responsible for the theme.

I was told that there was only one set of font available. I was so disappointed that I switched to another theme

Hi Simone, thanks for your additional information.

So sorry you had to switch themes, I know that feeling when it doesn't offer all the qualities you're looking for.

Glad your research paid off; this will hopefully encourage others to do the same before choosing a theme.

Thanks for your valuable feedback my friend.


You are always welcome my friend:)

Excellent information, Melanie! I had never fully understood their significance!


Yes, themes are important.
Thanks for your comment Jeff.


You're welcome, Melanie!

I noticed that you didn't mention that every time you start installing a new theme, then delete all the plugins; otherwise, you will run into problems.

This will depend on the theme, and which plugins are needed for the new one.

I tend to stay away from new themes that require plugins that are necessary in order to use the plugin.
That tends to leave you vulnerable because those plugins may or may not be regularly updated by the theme builder.

Plugin removal does not mean you have to remove them all. Just the ones used by the theme itself.

That's great additional information Lea, I didn't know that; I'm still learning.

Thanks for sharing this valuable information.


I agree with the plugin info, and new themes.

Some new themes can be problematic, and limiting.

Do you have any theme preferences for affiliate marketing?

GeneratePress is the theme I use and which is very good. I mean, the free version

Sweet...thank you very much for sharing Lea; very nice of you indeed.
It's a very nice lightweight theme, hope you're finding it loads quickly.

Your input in valuable, and I'm sure other will benefit from it also.


So true, Melanie. You have provided some great info on theme selection!

We can sometimes get all caught up in the looks of a theme!

When you select a theme, you can use filters to sort out the themes to narrow them down.

It is best to have an idea of what you want from your website, and go from there. Do you want lots of images, add videos, e-commerce, etc.

See here for theme filters:

The most important thing to remember when selecting the theme is to stay basic, a great starter theme that is responsive and very flexible in it's customization is Generate Press.

Yes, that maybe so Rudy but I found that even.though you are able to customise, and it is one of the best one, the look of it is not very professional

Look at buying pro version of GeneratePress. For $49 per year, you can use the theme for 1000 websites. Download and save to computer, then upload new theme for your new website.
Combined with elementor pro, yiu can have a very professional looking website.

Is that what you have?
The pro version?
Is your website under your profile? If so, I want to see what it looks

Yes, I use GP Pro and Elementor pro. 8 will send you a pm. Cant post my links in reply...

Looking forward to hearing from you

Thanks for your input Rudy, your additional information is very valuable.
I has helped me a lot, I'm sure other will benefit from it also.

Thanks for dropping by with additional valuable info.


I started with the free version, but will be installing the pro version soon.
I will gladly share my site as soon as the update is in place.
Not much to see at the moment. 😉

Is that Generate press?

Great, thank you.

I'm doing further research on my theme, with all the helpful ideas I've been getting. It's good I haven't switched yet.

Ok. I understand

You're very welcome!

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