Writing Product Reviews is My Kryptonite

Last Update: June 28, 2018

Last month, I was very productive towards my business. I was creating 1200+ words blog posts, I was growing my Instagram account, and building my email list.

It was beautiful.

Then I created a product review...

Idk what it is about product reviews that drain me sooo bad. I haven't created new content in two weeks.

This isn't the first time it happens. I'll be on a streak creating content for my websites, then I'll procrastinate for two days to create one product review; and then my productivity drops.

I'm much more comfortable creating How-To posts... but we all know success begins where our comfort zone ends.

It's time to get back to work and tell my excuses to F off! LOL

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AlexandriaD1 Premium
What was the product?

Sometimes the product might be just a dud. However, you can use your emotional response to create a critical review of the product.
Defiant6 Premium
I'm actually kind of with you on that. I struggle greatly with product reviews and probably why I haven't done one in a very long time, but if I want to get some affiliate sales, product reviews are a must. I'm much more comfortable talking about my experiences with certain aspects of products of my niche and how best to experience them for yourself or do other how-to's like you do. I guess we both need to venture outside our comfort zones more.
LouisaB Premium
I think we all have or will experience this inactive and lasisy
Behavior at some point in time, and some more often than others.

It normal, don't hurt your head thinking about it.

Louisa B
cramervod Premium
Practice writing some on products you aren't promoting. Things that you use and love and really would recommend highly. Then remember that experience and allow yourself to channel that type of energy to do others for your site.

Everything gets easier with repetition when you spend time practicing. From the sounds of things, you are already talking yourself out of doing them because you believe you will not like them or do them well.