I Wear Pink and What? Bully!

Last Update: February 28, 2019

I work for a non-profit drug and alcohol addiction center.

I encounter a lot of individuals on a daily basis due to my job being an intake coordinator and determine the level of care people start out. Before I did that I was a counselor in our residential facility where I was a resident twice!

Due to my past experiences, I'd say I'm a little qualified for my position as a counselor and coordinator (technically should not have the job I have now because I have not completed my degree, but my experience works wonders).

I ask a lot of questions in my assessments and usually try to get down to the root cause of why an individual started abusing substances and many times I'm able to refer them to appropriate agencies, therapists, or physicians to also assist in the person's recovery.

It's unfortunate I hear all too often it's due to being bullied as a child or even as an adult later in life. They turn to drinking or something harder to help numb the pain. I hear things that make me hurt for them and attempts at a permanent solution for a temporary problem in life.

February 27th was #PinkShirtDay like an anti-bully campaign or something, and I participate in it each year it's taken place since I started working there 3-years ago.

I just want to remind everyone to please be kind to one another, you never know what tipping point someone may be at in their lives.


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Babou3 Premium
Long live the pink color!
Let's be careful and understanding with
those we don't always understand.

Thanks for your great post full of warm love!!
EandS2018 Premium

Love your title to this blog, and certainly love and appreciate your passion as well as your skill sets.
Thank you for what you do and for wearing pink.

It's sad, this learned behavior, to be a bully.
No one wants or deserves to be put down or feel threatened.

You are spot on, we do need to be kind ,period.

When I was 21 I was in line at a store, I was disheveled, could not concentrate, and this ” bully” behind me said ” you look like someone just died”. What she didn't know that I was buying a dress for my Daddys funeral.

I will never forget how her words rang so deeply in my soul.
Great post,
Thank you for this message
MarionBlack Premium
If it would help stamp out bullying I'd vote to have one day a week as #pinkshirtday
directJ Premium
I'd be good with that!
apache1 Premium
Well said Jason Pink is a valued colour and should be worn many times from all. Today should be a Pink WA day
phil1944 Premium
A great comment, Jason. It's so easy to be pleasant and helpful but so many aren't.