Have taken a hiatus. Again. I feel a bit lost

Last Update: February 09, 2018

So I've taken a somehow forced break as I had to take care of my little one (he's starting to crawl) and take care of the house a bit more, my husband is helping out but baby is at that stage I believe they warned me a while ago called "separation anxiety".

During those quiet times while breastfeeding I read my feed of new post of successful stories, I feel really happy for all of you who day by day are getting good results.. On the other side I feel worry creeps back as I wonder if I'm being left behind.

I know it's not a race nor a competition, yet I feel like I was going to a good pace until recently, now I'm like ages behind. While I look to the right side of the monitor, the numbers on the little blue square pile up. It makes me think...

I used to be so proud to jump few hundreds or even a thousand numbers once in a short time, now I'm not sure if I became a bit obsessed. I understand (I think) that it has a good intention, yet for a moment it didn't look that good to me, I became a bit of a slave to it, part of the fault is mine to have a bit of a competing nature. Reading that people who started the same month, and now owning a well packed and a website to envy, doesn't help.

I hope nobody thinks I'm just moaning. Maybe I am a bit. I hope that whoever reads this post please, do your best, but also please remember (as I am repeating to myself right now) that it's not about getting to the finishing line (there's is none as such in this!), it's about enjoying the process and to learn as much as one can!

Well, I'll get back to brainstorming a post... But before I do, here's a quote from one of my favourite movies of all time "Three idiots" (bollywood movie but believe me an aye opener!):

"Pursue excellence, and success will follow" Rancho.

All the best to all of you,

Diosa Ll.

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rubyandally Premium
Wow Diosa, this really spoke to me this morning, especially the bit about the little blue square. I have been away from WA for almost a month with life just getting in the way. I have had to do overtime at work, I have exams to study for and my little family just make so much demands on me. I sometimes feel like I am just making excuses, but I am not someone who benefits from doing the odd hour here and there, I need whole days absorbing myself in the WA process. Blog posting IS time-consuming, it takes thought and careful consideration and research, I can't just 'do a bit' here and there. And, I am following the training faithfully, so I don't want to skip actions simply to rush through the training.

I feel your frustration, just wanted to let you know that I totally identify. I hope we both achieve what we need. Maybe we are tortoises but I won't give up the race.

Now to work on that little blue square...
ZEGU Premium
Thanks for updating us. Some of us take breaks at some point. I remember last time I went on holiday and had no Internet connection for a couple of weeks.
So, you haven't missed much.To ease your way back, maybe try to spare a few minutes here and there for your website work.
Djefferds Premium
Remember who won the race between the rabbit and the turtle?
It was the turtle.
Diosy Premium
Yes, being focused and determined goes a long way! Also does patience and dedication.
Steagles Premium
You are never getting behind because everyone has their own pace. Having a little one at home means speratic training for you. Do not worry yourself about the blue square. I was doing the same thing once I knew what it was.
As long as you remember your goal is to create the best site that you can make for yourself. The blue square will always be there doing its thing.
what am I saying, you got this.
Diosy Premium
Thanks so much Steagles. Funny how a little blue square gets us motivated to that point that you become obsessed with it!
But it's true what you say, I have to focus to the real goal: create a great website that is helpful for others.
But my priority is my baby before this blog.
Melissa901 Premium
Awe yes little ones at the age are fun. It is fun to go through but can be tough to balance. I have faith you will find the balance. Good luck to you.
Diosy Premium
Thanks luckyducksan,
he's kind of crawl-slugging around (he dribbles a lot so if I can't see him I just have to follow the trail.. lol), and recently he discovered there's mum's beloved magazines sitting under the tea table and somehow thinks is fine to grab them and toss them around like a fan maniac.. So I'm constantly checking what is he doing.
Melissa901 Premium
Cherish those moments they grow way to quickly