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Last Update: May 04, 2018

I haven't figured out one aspect of the Site Content Editor. A few times when I wrote a post I included "related material" and just put in the url of a related post.

When I published, the title showed with the featured image.

But the past few times I've done that, only the url showed up when I published.

What am I missing?

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DianneBee Premium
Thanks Laurenjean. I had the preview show up the first few times I put a link into Site Content editor. Then it just stopped happening. No clue! Cheers.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Dianne, when you add a naked link in Wordpress you can usually see a preview of the post pop up and be displayed when you publish. If you add it as a headline with a link attached the preview won't show up. That's the general rule but sometimes I find it tricky getting the preview to show up in my posts as well.
elores Premium
I use site content and what I do is write my content, then update in WP then add image and it works fine for me.
All the best to you.
Happy2Learn Premium
Hi Dianne. I use site content editor a bit. It has flaws so you have to go slow with it.
Images usually get their own urls.
The system is not perfect. I usually insert all links embeds & videos via Wordpress. I do H tags in word press as well.just use the bits that work well for you and do everything else via Wordpress.
DianneBee Premium
Thanks Happy2Learn. I was so delighted the few times this worked for me - I wasn't even expecting it. Then it didn't lol.
SachiKashi Premium
Hmm. I'm a little confused at where you're getting stuck on. Perhaps using Live Chat would be a better forum to ask this, then you'll be able to have a back and forth conversation on your problem. You can jump on Live Chat any time of the day, someone is always on because of the different time zones represented. Hope you get your answer!