Second-Hand Items for Product Reviews

Last Update: September 27, 2019

When writing a product review, it isn't absolutely necessary to actually own the item. What we can do, is curate all the information from various sites, having read other people's reviews and essentially bring them all in one place for your potential customer, written in your own words.

However, it can be seen as more credible if you do actually own the item and have personal experience of using it. This can be expensive, if you are having to buy each product that you wish to review.

But who says it has to be new? Why not buy second-hand items from charity shops? Or yard sales? You can then take your own photographs, no problems worrying about copyright, and if you're not shy, add a picture of yourself holding the item. Instant credibility! It doesn't matter that its not in its packaging, because its shows you have been using it!

And then, once you have written your review, sell the product on again! You might even make an extra profit!

You could even borrow products from family and friends. Next time you are visiting, take a sneaky look around to see if they have anything related to your niche which you could review.

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Bimby Premium
Brilliant! Love this. Thanks for sharing.
Joes946 Premium
Diane, you just use too much common sense! 😎
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Diane,

This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing! Much success to you!

Kind regards,
Babou3 Premium
It's a very clever idea.

Aussiemuso Premium
What a fabulous idea. Clever girl.

Lily 😊
klchang Premium
How come I never think of that?
Great idea, Diane.
Thanks and all the best.
TonyJS Premium
Excellent idea Diane!

Thanks for the tip
Xevi Premium
Great idea Diane. Thanks for sharing it ;)
MLorenz1 Premium
I love this post, Diane.

It's a great way to have some authenticity to a product without going broke.

marioduran1 Premium
That is a good idea Diane. Thank You Mario
Linda103 Premium
Excellent idea, thank you.
PBereal Premium
Great idea. I like it!
Talk2Ray Premium
Hey Great advice Diane, had not thought of this before but will definitely remember.
Thanks so much
TheNeuroNerd Premium
Great advice! I love 2nd hand stores! :D
Jules73 Premium
I've not gone down this road yet although I've covered it in the training. My niche is not hugely product based so not an easy subject to review...and I don't want to appear forced. I

I'm confident that if the opportunity presents itself I will be able to offer a review. However I do like your ideas muted above, plenty of food for thought! Thanks Diane.
MikeAdkins Premium
Hi Diane.

I have done a few reviews of second hand lighting that I own, these are items that I have purchased to sell on.

Second hand items can have a real plus point - If you know the age and use of the item you can review how well it has stood up to time and use.

Kind Regards
EHR Premium
Man, that's fantastic...I didn't think of that at all. How well it stands up to time!!
MikeAdkins Premium
Yes Diane, it works as you can really emphasise the quality, or otherwise!!

mstewardit Premium
Luckily enough most of the things I review can be done form specification and rider experience. That is a very good idea depending on the niche. If you really are not shy go in a shop and look at the item. Get your friend to take a picture. BIT CHEEKY THOUGH.
EHR Premium
That is a great point. I have just been thinking about reviewing products in my niche. At first it will be products I have and have used.I wonder how many I can rent, use and review? Thanks Gene