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Last Update: Nov 10, 2022

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So, I thought it would be useful to bring all the changes to the platform together in one simple guide.

You can refer to this when updating your WA reviews and welcome messages, and forward it on to anybody who is giving out the wrong information.

Free Starter Access

The first free lessons have been reduced from 10 to 5.

There is no mention of plugins, keyword research or adding any content.

In fact, free starters no longer have access to Site Content.

Unless they already know how to use WordPress and can submit posts directly, they won't be able to add any content.

And obviously, they won't have access to the templates for About Me, Affiliate Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

At some point, they no longer have any access to Jaaxy, therefore the 30 free searches per month will no longer possible.

I have no idea as to when this will be removed, its part of the new design which is still underway.

However, they do have unlimited access to chat and asking questions which used to be restricted to the first 7 days.

New Upgrade Pricing

The first month discount offer of $19 has been removed.

New members have to pay $49 immediately for the first and subsequent months, or $99 for Premium Plus+.

They can now go straight to annual payments if they wish.

Annual cost for Premium is $497 and for Premium Plus+ it is $697.

The first month now comes with a free domain for Premium and 2 free domains for Premium Plus+.

After the first year, the renewal fee will have to be paid as normal.

Please note - the marketing suggests members only get the free domain if they upgrade within the first 7 days of joining.

According to Kyle, they MAY be offered an extension to this timeframe.

As was the case with the $19 month - it was marketed as only being available for 7 days, but in reality, there was no time limit.

This is still under discussion.

Number of Websites

The number of websites that can be hosted by a premium member will be changing, but not until after the upcoming Black Friday sale.

Free starters can only have one free SiteRubix subdomain.

Currently Premium can host 10 sites, this will be reducing to 5.

Premium Plus+ can host 50 sites, this will be lowered to 10.

Commission Rates

Premium $49 + free domain (first month) => $20
Premium Plus+ $99 + 2 Free Domains (first month) => $40

Premium Monthly $49 per month => $23.50 recurring 
Premium Plus+ $99 per month => $46.50 recurring

Premium $497 per year => $230 recurring
Premium Plus+ $697 per year => $320 recurring

I hope this helps, thanks for reading!

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Recent Comments


I too, appreciate your gathering this up for us.
Making it easier to understand and do the corrections.

Thank you Diane for taking the time to gather this information for us. I was more concerned about not losing the free week before joining. This is a main selling feature and I would hate to lose it.
I will watch this space for more information as we get it.

Hi - actually, that has never been a feature of the platform.

There is no limit on how long you can stay as a free starter member.

The only difference the 7 days made was that after the first week, free starters could no longer communicate anywhere.

But now they can; there is no time restriction on communicating.

Thanks Diane but now I am a little confused.
So people can indulge in the 7 days free trial at WA but now they can be a free member for an indefinite time?
Am I off base here?

There has never been a "7-day free trial" - people have always been able to stay as a free member for as long as they want.

But they were only allowed to access the first level of training, and that is still the same.

The difference is, is that now they can only see 5 free lessons; it used to be 10.

Plus, they used to be only able to chat or ask questions or leave comments for 7 days - that has changed - there is now no time restriction.

It's a great selling point to offer an unlimited free membership, however I am not sure this is to their advantage. Time will tell but unlimited freebies will probably not produce very much.
Thank you for clearing this up for me and you have a blessed day.
Regards Corinne

Thank you for putting this together Diane!


Thank you Diane good to know

Well done, Diane. I don't know why WA didn't update the /join page at the same time as releasing the changes.

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