AI Generated Memes (Free!)

Last Update: Jun 1, 2023

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So, just a sneak preview of how you can create original memes using free AI tools.

You simply need the free versions of ChatGPT, Bing Image Creator and Canva.

In fact, you don't even need Bing, but I think it gives superior images.

Google and your visitors love to see original images on your website!

Look out for the training tomorrow.

And for those who are still waiting for my tutorial on ChatGPT plugins, I have to say, that I don't think the plugins are particularly good!

I haven't found an efficient use case for any of them yet.


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Hello Diane, I'm Adam, it's a pleasure meeting you.

I used to do AI, and sort of still do with Stable Diffusion, but mostly for fun. I used to use MidJourney, until they banned me for asking something in their main chat (on Discord) about why you can't make women's... chests... look larger, or just any size that isn't 'default size'. I explained that people, women I know, are a little overweight, and have larger bosoms than their prompt engineering allows (and they don't tell you which words aren't allowed, as I believe their algorithm is constantly learning what words are either unacceptable, vulgar, etc). Also, I mentioned they should alter their filter system to allow for 'mild' prompts such as cleavage, or even large cleavage/bosoms, because there are women out there in the real world who have ridiculously large ones, and want to be represented too in AI. Without representing those women, they feel left out and feel it's because the system 'does not want to include them', as if they're being prejudiced against. Also, creating a lot of body dysmorphia amongst those women.

They apparently didn't like that line of discussion, and I never got any warning at all, just an 'insta-ban'. Literally a ban, but not a temporary one, a forever one. Literally haven't been able to join back in months. The admins/mods on it are outrageously power hungry and ridiculous, based on that experience alone.

So, now I can't do the one ai creation method that I found, and everyone else on there found, was the easiest to use BY FAR. Literally, V1.5 came out back in Feb, and it was the easiest and most amazing results I'd ever seen, with prompts as short as one word! Literally could put a 2 word prompt such as, Beautiful Sunset, and you'd get AMAZING results. Even realistic prompts such as Joe Biden, and the result would be mind blowing in it's complexity and accuracy, realism off the charts. Before with past iterations, you would be required to add all sorts of prompts, to get the same Joe Biden you wanted, in versions 1.4 and under I needed to engineer a prompt like:

"Award winning, photo-realistic photo of Joe Biden standing in the oval office with a smile, realistic eyes, octane rendering, global illumination, Nvidia Hairworks, UHD, RAW, 8K, maximalist detail, ultra intricate clothing and skin texture, masterpiece, Ultra detailed, cinematic lighting, Realistic fingers and hands, anatomical perfection, wide-angle lens, prime lens, shot taken with Canon EOS 5D, ray tracing, extremely detailed, realistic photo, subsurface scattering, volumetric lighting, unreal engine 5, --ar 2:3

Then, with Version 5, to get those same results which would be amazing, again, just put, "Joe Biden". That's it. To get those same results. VERY unfortunately, because of the gestapo like behavior of some mod(s), I am unable to use MidJourney... ever again. I can't even contact them about it. Completely blocked. So... I've turned to Stable Diffusion, and Dalle, and a few other ones. None of which provide the same level of realism or whatever image you try to create, even with maximum prompt engineering in the ones that aren't MidJourney.

Anyways, that's my story with AI, it's far longer than that to be honest, but I won't get further into it, as this was far longer than I expected it to be, even though this was written within 10 mins time. Steam of thought... I hope you didn't mind a response to your blog being this long. I could have made it shorter, or longer (longer would have been better) but, I'm just ending it here.

Guess from all that, my question would be to you, anyone else who read this to this point is, who else uses MidJourney... well still does?

Hi - to be honest, I haven't spent much time on MidJourney, simply because I don't like Discord.

So, I use Bing Image Creator almost exclusively now.

However, it struggles with human faces, they are invariably distorted.

If you use a prompt that it takes exception to, it simply warns you, rather than a ban.

Take a look at my experimental AI website on my profile page.

Everything on that site is entirely AI generated, other than the photo of me, lol.

Thank you Diane for another excellent and useful post! I haven't had a lot of time to do much experimenting with this fascinating new technology as I've been kept busy with the new product line I've started manufacturing and marketing in my company. But I will definitely utilize this information in the near future. The fact that I've been kept busy with my own business ventures makes me even more grateful for your awesome content in this arena lately, it's helped me to learn while being distracted upgrading and refining my business.

Hi, Diane

A few things.

1. Very cool memes! 👍😎

2. I favor Bing Image Creator, too, which is Dall E-2. However, I like how Canva Pro lets me choose the image orientation.

3. Pizza! It’s not even a contest for an Italian, although I’ll eat as many tacos as I can get.

4. I agree about the plugins. The beta Internet browser may be giving me better research results in a very limited A/B test, but nothing to get excited about.

Rock On! 🤘🔥
Frank 🎸

These memes are great, Diane! I love them - the images are classic, lol!

I'm big on cats (live with 3 of them, though I only own 1, the other two belong to my daughter who moved out and left hers with me). Our pet and house-sitting business has a ginger ninja as it's mascot. Loads of fun can be had on social media with this too.

Thank you for sharing.

Louise 🤍

This is so great, love the images! Looking forward to your training.

Cute images; I like them.
I look forward to the training.
Thank you,_Diane.

I'll just go ahead and pencil myself in for some meme training tomorrow. :)

The first one really cracked me up. It reminded me of many folks who would set up to sell next to me over the years and spend way more than they sold shopping.



That was really, really cute Diane! I am a fan!!!

Which one provided the images? I shall start playing with it! Thank. For sharing!

Maria 🌹

Bing supplied the images, have fun!

Thank you Diane!


Hi Diane.
Nice post, great photos.
Thank you for update (AI plugin).

Slavka 👋

Do they sell wine on Amazon? :P

Awesome post as usual!


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