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Last Update: March 18, 2021

So many questions!

I get a lot of questions from members and I do enjoy chatting while helping. It's a big part of what WA is. I always tell new member contacts to ask when they need.

And that remains true. I'll always help wherever possible.


It's ESSENTIAL, in my opinion, for members to follow the training. Each step is important. Each lesson provides a valuable point to note and steps to follow.

Missing just one step might make the difference in how fast you find success or even if you do.

Some members (maybe a few, maybe many?) jump around. They jump into the website without following the lessons. Or, they might follow some of the lessons but jump past some lessons, hoping to find gold without digging.

My advice is always....

follow the lessons. Each one. In order.

You might not use the information at that moment. But when you are ready for it, it's there.

Finished all the training? Fantastic!

Now, keep learning!

Look through the other training modules. Watch some of Jay's classes. Read posts by other members.

Honestly, I think there is more material from which to learn on WA than I will ever get entirely through. It's incredible!

So, Keep Learning! Begin with the training. You might even go back through it. Probably more than once.

Keep Learning! Read through the other modules. Watch the videos.

Of course, you also need to schedule time to work on your site. Search for topics and keywords. Find images. Publish to social media.

And yes, WRITE!

When you have a question or need a little help, WA members are always there to help. I welcome emails and profile comments/questions. And you can ask questions directly on the Live Chat bar.

So...Keep Learning! You will educate yourself to success!

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Christorv Premium Plus
Great reason why I come here, Diane - to keep learning, learning from within and without myself - amazing how great it is to take a break and interact with people on here, you give and receive- and all grow as a result, the world will be a better a place if all was as such if it is what 🙀Great post reminder 👍
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Thank you, Chris!
Jessiefido Premium
Thanks for the reminder Diane and great to hear from you by the way!

I totally agree that helping others is what makes this community so fabulous when we can and when others really need assistance.

But everything needed to learn about building an online business is covered in the training.

Before getting ahead of ourselves and asking for assistance again and again I personally find it more beneficial to try and find the solution to a problem myself, and therefore am able to learn more at the same time.

Don't get me wrong here, of course there are times when a solution can't be found by each of us individually, as we all possess different skill sets, but there is no harm in trying to learn ourselves before reaching out and asking for help when the brick wall has been reached!

Have a great day my friend.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Very well stated, Nick!
Jessiefido Premium
Thanks my friend!
Ruby46 Premium
Hi everyone,
I am new to Wealth Affiliate and glad that I fine a community that can help me with my journey. "A journey with a thousand miles beings with a single step." We are all on a journey and it's wonderful to know that we have each other back.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Enjoy the journey!
11slm11 Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Ruby. All the best on your journey here.

MarkMorgan1 Premium
Good advice for certain! I am staying focused on the learning and so far your spot on. Questions one can never ask a stupid one or to many. It can't be said enough and I speak for this myself, first by my being so welcomed to the WA family, seeing the outpour of help from my new brothers and sisters, thank you! I will say to anyone just getting started you will get somewhat overwhelmed, it can't be avoided but Do Not Forget help and not just a few pointers given, this training the lessons followed, questions asked, you and following thru with all of the above, I can't stress to you this point- you're going to make it, I know this, these people are very passionate about this what they do- tried and true. Believe in all they say and start this process by believing in yourself.
Mark M
Now get back learning!
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Stay focused, my friend. You are on your way to success!
MarkMorgan1 Premium
Thank you for being available
ParthaB Premium
Hey Diane,

To be honest, I think this is an important Life Lesson and not just a WA lesson.

As far as I'm concerned, we are NEVER the finished article.

I'm a voracious reader, and I read every single day.

It doesn't always have to be "educational" in nature, but I definitely learn something each and every day (today I learned about painting toenails, daughter's, who'd have them?)

You have alluded to the fact that we will probably never get through all the wonderful information available to us here in WA.

It's much the same in life.

Education never ends - practice it daily and use it wisely.

DianeK59 Premium Plus
Very true, Partha! I've discussed this concept with my own children many times. I try to learn new things (multiple!) each day. It sounds like you do, as well! Painted toenails, eh? hahaha