Talking about working on WA this weekend

Last Update: May 6, 2016


So how to start our weekend?

There is not better wake up than having a good coffee. This is my only guilty pleasure that makes my day.

This is me before coffee.

As you can see I am small and I barely drag myself from one place to another. LOL Ok, you have me here. Even after the coffee I am still small but sometimes I feel like Speedy Gonzales, if you know what I mean.

Then, I'll have my coffee and I will start to open my e-mails, that by now are hundreds in my inbox. I will start to read them, one-by-one. You can only imagine the feeling I have to be in contact with you. It makes me feel wonderful. You are my second family now.

Some e-mails I can answer, some I will not be able to do so because there is nothing I can do to help there, but I will definitely read all of them. This will take me some time. It will take me hours.

By the time I'll finish reading all my e-mails the coffee would have provided me with enough speed for the rest of the journey. OK not all the time but without it I may not get out of bed.

So I will be able to follow some new training I'll find within WA community to increase my knowledge in how to make my online business rank or more user-friendly s.o.

Then I will definitely go out for a walk. I do have a chance that my family will always be there for me to ensure that I will take some breaks during the day, and even if at the moment I get upset I know that this is the best way to continue. Breaks are necessary all the time, because, if left by myself I can do this all day long and not even eating due to different reasons, and I can not say that I will feel like advancing much. Definitely not a good way to go for me.

I will also continue to do some searches within my niche and by the end of the day I will feel complete as WA was there for me all the way.

How do you intend to spend your weekend?

I wish you all the best.


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My two favourite types of coffee are 100% Kona and Spanish cortado. Mostly though, I have become a tea drinker. What can I say, I lived in the UK for 3+ years.

I tried to replace the second cup of coffee with tea. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I wish you a great weekend.

You have a great weekend too, Diana.

Thanks for this beautiful portrait of yours...With me, working during the week, weekends are a bit lazy, that is I sleep whenever I want, eat whenever I want, meet with my friends and family.Take walks, watch films,now and then come up to my computer, sometimes lazy around and of course, I set up the best of the time- midnight and around it (I am a distinct night type person) for the WA

This is great. Enjoy your weekend and I wish you all the best.

Just waiting for the day when the full time income catches up with the full time work!

Yes, David, it will come for sure. I wish you a great weekend.

Working on my WA site and cuddling with my newest great granddaughter a lot.
I agree about coffee being the elixir of life. I really am a teddy bear most of the time.

Love it. You know I do two cups max. I like the 3rd one. I wish you a great weekend.

Thanks. I drink, on average, 10 cups a day. I prefer that to the sugary sodas and such. I still sleep better than my wife or anyone else who doesn't drink as much or very little. I love my French Dark Roast best.

WOW. This is amazing.

Looks like we all have a weekend job.

Looks like so. I wish you a great weekend.

And same to you

Well, the greater part of Saturday and Sunday evening will be WA.....

I wish you a great weekend. Me too I'll be with WA.

Hi Diana, I will definitely be spending a fait bit of time here over the weekend :)

We can not take our distance from WA. It is way too engaging. I wish you a great weekend.

Thank you, you too :)

Thank You for sharing Diana,

I do also love coffee and reading emails first thing in the morning.

This weekend we have baseball and affiliate marketing on the agenda.

Family and breaks are very important and help us to be more productive when we do choose to work.

Thank you Diana for sharing & have a great weekend my Friend,


Thank you, Tony for commenting. Have a good time at baseball and a wonderful weekend.

Hi nice boosting massages here on weekend self I want to be able to coment on at least ten Pages from here WA, so if you have two sites or even one am here I will start with your sites. Then I will little work on improving my Website as well.. all the best to your Goals

Thank you. My site is on my profile page. I wish you a great weekend. If you have your site on the profile page I will also comment on yours.

Writing content probably. Have a lovely weekend Diana :)

Have a lovely weekend too Jude. Always great to speak with you.

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