The Illusion

Last Update: April 02, 2016

I thought I was getting involved with WA to make money. I would create a website. I would then link it to affililiates. Then the money would start to flow. Then I would be happy.

What I found instead was that the critical part of my new journey was not the money but the relationships that I have developed along the way. I have met people from all over the world. I have met people with an endless variety of interests. I have met people who unselfishly help me when I need help in developing my website, Google+ account, etc.

I have a new purpose for my life. This purpose is to create value in the lives of every body I interact with every day. Whether it is here at WA, at work, or with my family, the most rewarding thing is when I give to others. When I give unselfishly to others, an incredible thing starts to happen. My life starts to work perfectly. Everything flows just as it should. Bottom line is that when I give, I get back double in return.

So the illusion is that I thought I had to make money first in order to be happy. The truth is that happiness comes from serving others and I know, if I do this, wealth will follow.

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JauA Premium
Hi. What an excellent blog - covers what a lot of us have found out, but maybe don't put into words as well as you! Regards, Jan
LizPB Premium
Agreed ;-)
richrivera Premium
You've a wealth of proper thought. I drove that same road not too long ago. I think that realization takes a load off. Cheers Doc.
jdlovel Premium
Napoleon Hill made a list of what it meant to be rich and money was the last thing on the list.
StacyWolf Premium
I am learning this as well! I love it!