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Last Update: March 02, 2018

Dear Friends!

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are surrounding by a "wealth" of training, success stories and strategies that are amazingly inspiring and can most definitely point us to our own success, if effectively leveraged and implemented. How can we convert knowledge into action and success in order to live the life we know is meant for us?

1. We must diligently and methodically put what we have learned into practice for it to manifest into success.

At Wealthy Affiliate, these courses are not those where we read books from cover to cover without any avenue of putting our education to work, until we have left school. From course 1, we are engaged in the practical aspects of gaining experience while we learn. We hit the ground running but we don't fall. We are supported by a team of fellow runners in our community.

2. As we continue the race along the journey, some will run faster than others but the objective is the same; to endure, to succeed.

Even though success is measured differently by all in the initial stages, we must ultimately be working towards converting what we are learning into dollars. This will happen automatically as long as we remain in the process of learning, taking action, growing and sometimes readjusting. We must have faith in the process with the expectation that it will reward us eventually.

3. We must not simply settle for knowledge

Sometimes we can become really fat with knowledge but not convert it to actual tangible success one way or another. Imagine an eaglet in a nest at the edge of a cliff, reading all it can about the best tips on how to fly. If "mom" doesn't kick it out of the nest, that eaglet will never soar eventually. We will soar tomorrow if we take action today.

  • Are we deeply engaged in the training and converting that to better functional websites?
  • Are we systematically utilizing the training provided here to better equip and offer useful solutions to our visitors?
  • Are we improving our SEO, content securing and optimizing our sites
  • Are we helping others?

... or are we just here learning with no sense of purpose and direction?

I wish you all the best and bountiful success as you press on.


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Trujunco Premium
Hello David,
Good reminder to maintain "Focus On Objective" It seems easy with all the new information to lose sight of the purpose for learning it all and I am just as guilty of this as anyone...thanks for your input
DEversley Premium
Hi David!
Thanks for taking the time to read!
RobertLeier2 Premium
great post thanks
DEversley Premium
You are welcome, Robert!
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Good post. While it is true that we are here with other runners and we learn and achieve a great deal, we would not be as successful as we are without the other runners. You have always been one of those who have given time, encouragement, advice, and scolding (when needed) and been an inspiration to countless others along the way. We all need people like you to inspire the rest of us to achieve our best. So THANK YOU David for all the help that you give to those in need.
DEversley Premium
Thanks for your kind words, Jerry! Your comments encourage me to take more action:)
Thank you too for your support.

To your success!
skendrick4 Premium
Thank you.
DEversley Premium
You are welcome, Sheila!
All the best!
billy947 Premium
Thanks for the in site David.
DEversley Premium
You are welcome, William!