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Last Update: December 27, 2013

This is Me in a picture taken by my wife. It Shows me and my mannequin, with one of the dresses that was a grand champion winner in one fair and won 2 first place ribbons in 2 other fairs. It also was one of the dresses that I took to my first Project Runway audition. But it was not what they had in mind for the show.

This picture that She is standing here with me in, is going to be used in fashion design tutorials that I am making to sale soon. She is going to be put in crazy talk program so she can talk and help me teach the classes as my assistant teacher, my wife will be shooting the videos of us.

If you want to see this crazy talk program in action go to my website that I am presently rebuilding at or go to YouTube and type in fashion online shopping mall she is the mannequin in the black Gothic wedding dress that introduces my website.

Note: that I am still rebuilding this website from loosing it in hosting transfer. So a whole lot of it is missing and not there yet.

This is my wife and I.

All these clothes in this picture I made.

hello everyone at Wealthy Affiliate,

This is my final goodbye to everyone and last blog here on WA. I was really in great hopes that my website would have brought revenue in. So that this would not happen, but for some reason it just did no sales at all. just plunging me deeper in over my head in bills. Oh well this whole thing is a learning experience for most all of us here. I do not regret in any way coming to WA and it's people here. If finances had permitted me I would still be here. Because I believe in what they are doing here to help people. I might even still promote WA to people for free so that I can help others. Even though I will make nothing on it myself. It is good to steer people on the right road to success. I was able to learn here and built a 22 page website and rated high on Google in 3 months that's pretty amazing, when I did Not know a lot about this. I even for the first time ever learned to write blogs here. and I don't even text.

Now I did transfer this whole website and did it with some errors and yes lost all of it. But you know what I am already building fashion tossed salad again and even better this time. So yes I am leaving here with the knowledge to rebuild this website over. Hats off to Kyle and Carson and Jay,Vince,T Books and just everyone who has helped me here on WA.

I hope that I have helped people in my stay here too. Because yea if I had made the money here I would have still been here. But if I touched others and encouraged others. Or yes even made you laugh or laugh at me then my time here was served right, because I love helping others.

If you have not read some of my encouragement blogs then you might want to read them before the 1st of January before my account here is wiped out.

If any of you would like to stay in touch with me go to my profile page while it is still there and type in who you are and your email in my private message box, that way it is private not everyone see's it. Well with that said I now close this chapter here at WA God Bless everyone and yes learn everything you can because these folks here do know what they are doing. Now for a little chuckle I thought I would leave a picture that I used in my First profile picture of Dolly my Secretary. This is a 4 ft. cloth doll that I made myself'.

This is Dolly

Good bye to All - May God Bless You and Prosper all of you! Robert - designerman

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IslandMike Premium
Best of luck and whatever unfolds!
designerman Premium
Thanks mike I sure am going to miss everyone here
christine2 Premium
Wishing you all the best in your further path. keep going! I will leave you my email,
designerman Premium
Got your message thanks
Sherion Premium
Hey Robert, Best wishes to you. I really liked your designs.
designerman Premium
Thanks It took 8 hard years of even going homeless for a while but I still stayed in school and got my degree, even had a standing ovation at my college graduation for all the hardships I had been through and still pulled off a 3.5 over all grade. I am going to miss all of you.
BIS Premium
Robert - the very best of luck for your future and all your design work.
designerman Premium
Thanks Bis learn all you can while your here at WA it will take you who knows where, hopefully to the money tree Right.
KD6PAO Premium
God Bless you Robert and best of luck in your new endeavors! Thanks for sharing.
designerman Premium
Thanks KD6PAO the same to you and help others make it along the way it will make you feel good doing this for other people