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January 01, 2014
Here are 3 of my designs that you may have not seen. Well this is the absolute last blog I will be sharing with all of you here on WA. Yes, I just had to write all you fine people one more time before I leave WA. Wow what I have learned here on this community. The friends that I have made here on WA. The people that have followed me here, I thank you for having faith and trust in me, even though I was lost half the time in this internet world to. I really thank Vince for leading me to WA. Kyle
This is Me in a picture taken by my wife. It Shows me and my mannequin, with one of the dresses that was a grand champion winner in one fair and won 2 first place ribbons in 2 other fairs. It also was one of the dresses that I took to my first Project Runway audition. But it was not what they had in mind for the show. This picture that She is standing here with me in, is going to be used in fashion design tutorials that I am making to sale soon. She is going to be put in crazy talk program s
Hello Merry Christmas I just wanted to wish everyone at Wealthy Affiliate a Merry Christmas and remind you all that It is Christ birth and our salvation from our sins. Is really why we celebrate Christmas. So we to should also remember that this is a time of giving to each other, and not so much receiving, this is nice but it is more blessed to give than receive. You may ask how is this, the fact is It makes you feel happy and joyful inside of you. Have you ever thought when you feel this way
Hello everyone in the WA community it really grieves me to have to write this blog but here it goes. I am sad to say that I am leaving WA membership. I am sure going to miss it in here with everyone, but I have crunched numbers and tried everything to stay in here. But it just is not working, I just can not afford it at this time.Wow the things I learned here have been great. This was my first social outreach on line ever. I learned to build this website here with all the WA training and a lot
Just What Do You Have To Be Thankful This Year For More Than You Would Ever Think. Most of us will eat good, but how many of us will really thank the lord for all he has given us? How many lives were given to enable us to be free to have a thanksgiving and feast? Now that puts it in a new perspective doesn't it? Well here is what I am thankful for this year. Hello Robert here, wow! here I am with a custom fashion website that I have spent over 3 months building and tweaking, researching loads
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October 27, 2013
Hello everyone I have not posted for a while now, I have been spending every spare moment on this website I have created. This is very time consuming,nerve racking , and yes some what frustrating, and yes even disappointing when you go in and see (0) sells and only about a 100 visitors in the last 30 days. I sometimes just want to just quit on it. but I have gone to far to stop now. I would be letting a 135 affiliates that I have on my website down without giving them a chance to see sal
So You Think That You might Want To Be A Fashion Designer Then Read This Paper That I Wrote While In Fashion Design School. These two pictures are of me at my 3rd project runway audition in Miami , Fl. and for the 3rd time I did not get on the show. This picture shows their fashion examiner analyzing my designs to see if they qualify for the audition and judges. The picture below shows me and my 3 designed garments before i go into face the judges for project runway the clothing that I am wear
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Yes finally got threw with the whole complete website Sunday night. It has totally amazed me on how well this has come together. I really need to thank all of you who have helped me along the way. The website is called fashion tossed salad and am striving to make this a user friendly shopping site also information and blogs dealing with fashion and giving a fashion designer's point of view. I have a whole virtual shopping mall here split in to different departments to make for easy shopping, I
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Wow I am just overwhelmed with this. our website was 6th position on 1st page of Google, Was sitting here watching the affiliate video training about how to get on bing search engine and discovered we are on the 1st page in 2nd position the same on yahoo and now in the 1st position on 1st page o f Google. But I don't understand this what has shot this up there so quick it has only been out there 2 days. does anyone here know how I can acess the c panel on this site I know its there because I
Hi everyone, this is designerman this is my picture draping a skirt set on the dress form. I retired Dolly. Wow I finally buckled down and worked on my website this past weekend and got to publish it last night at 11:15 pm. almost immediately after I published it. believe it or not it actually showed up in the 6th position on one of Google's 1st pages I was so excited. There is still a lot of work to do on it,so I am definitely going to be asking for help on this. So if you would like to see