Finally! I lost My Virginity!

Last Update: Feb 1, 2018


Hi WA'rriors and WA'rrorettes,

Finally I did it! and it was darn amazing! and I now know what that awesome afterglow feels like after pounding and working away for what sames like ages..exhausted, tired and, yes a little sweaty!!


What a truly joyful fabulous feeling.....truly, there is nothing quite like it on earth

...........I checked my stats!

I crossed the $1000 in earning in a single month!

I had just lost my $1000/month virginity!..

What an amazing feeling!

It may have taken 2 years but hey, it is not how long you take to complete the race that counts, its is finishing the race!, getting there and achieving the goal that counts.

Must say after reaching that goal (and earning $350 in half a week). I am absolutely vibrant about what can be achieved this year and in coming years.

for example, and as an example of how a blog can grow over time

year 1 (2016) I earned something like $1800 in total

Year 2 (2017) over $5700 (just over triple)

Year 3...well.. I'm off to a flying start already and January is usually one of the slower months compared to 2017..(this January well, just over 4x the $260 of January 2017).

Whats more, I doubled my clicks from December 2017 to January 2018 (one month) and improved conversions slightly and earnings per 1000 visitors. I do attribute this reaching out to my sponsor and very experienced niche marketer Nathaniel (thanks buddy) in a email conversation and making just one of a few changes suggested.

And boy! I'd have never guessed or though I'd double my clicks in a single month by just having clickable affiliate links behind the photo of the products I was reviewing. Ever so simple, and yes, I do feel a little like a dufus for not having them in the first place.

Naturally and I think forward and keep up with and increase my content strategy to posting 25x per month I am very excited about what can be achieved with a site that relies solely on SEO for traffic (currently 18.5k sessions monthly and growing).

More exciting thing is I only work on my site for one hour per day, outsourcing the creation of content to freelacing writers, and there is still a couple of other tips that Nathaneil suggested that I have absolutely zero doubt will further improve my clicks and sales, thus improve my rather low EPM (Earnings Per Mille, (1000 visitors)).

Onwards and upwards and now gunning for first consistency and hitting $1000 at least every month and a very achievable $3000 for Q1 2018.

Nothing, quite beats the feeling of breaking your income record in two consecutive months...and losing your $1,000/month virginity.



P.S..If you though the opening and introduction was about something else, you really need to clean out your mind! haha!

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Hi Derek, wow... your little yearling has definitely done you proud! Really well done, here's to a great 2018, Sue :)

Wow! Good for you! A very inspiring post - and nice to know it took you as long as two years. ;-) Continued success to you!

P.S. Way to grab your audience with a headline! ;-)

Thank you.

Wow that's an awesome update! Gives me hope that if I consistently take action that I get there as well! Thank man!

You might even get there quicker than I did! Took me 2 years!

BOOM!! I'm really happy for you! Here's to more! :)

Thank you kindly.

LOL. I was concerned that I was about to get an excerpt from a steamy romance novel.

Congratulations on breaking the $1,000 a month mark. It is exciting when members feel comfortable enough to celebrate the signficant milestones in their business journey.

What is next the next big milestone? $5,000 a month?

Hi Sondra,

I'm not one for hiding numbers or figures. Real numbers, real results real inspiration for others to follow suit.

Besides, money is only relative to your location and of course lifestyle and out here in Vietnam $1000 is more than double what a university professor earns and 3x what a university graduate but in LA, Manhattan or Dubai..its not much.

Next big milestone is $3000 - It's a clean $100's a day average.

I like the next milestone.

The $1,000 month is a lot in Vietnam. However most of us with newer businesses would be thrilled to making that each month regardless where we live.

Thanks for the inspiration

Love this Derek! Congratulations and may you continue your 4 digit income! :)

All your hard work is definitely paying off!

Thank you kindly Grace :-)
Can't wait to meet you at Vegas,,2018????

That is what brings happiness success.

Indeed yes.

This is good to hear you are making some I come keep it I hope the best for your goals and dreams

Thank you kindly, You too young sir.

Well done you,true, it does not matter how long it takes to get there as long as you`re willing to hang on in there to get the results you want.
Keep on working and things will only look better.

Great advice, Thank you Roamy.

Congratulations! Derek

Is your site niche or bootcamp one?

Btw I have to clean out my mind, lol :)

Niche site.

Wow! that's amazing.

Love to see you make consistent $1000/month
going forward and full-time income eventually.

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