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Last Update: Dec 20, 2020

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Hi I'm Derek Marshall,

My site which you may have already seen, I Launched as an atelier for webpreneurs, bloggers, affiliate marketers, online biz rockstars and newbies alike and is rapidly growing into a beautiful, motivated and inspired collection of go-getters from all over the world.

If there was ever a word to describe you, it would most certainly be Funbitionater!,

That's an amalgamation of Fun, Ambitious, Passionate and Hard worker.

But if you were to describe your job it would be DullBorating! - Dull, Boring, And Frustrating!.

I''m Derek That's me over on the right hand side of the screen with my "forever perfect" hairdo!. Seriously, never a hair outta place!.

If you are long haired dude or luscious lady with long hair - I'm not jealous of your hair flipping talents and escapades!.

Seriously, on that photo shoot to get some pics for this site the Photographer kept getting some lighting issues with the flash light shining off my head!

Introductions and pleasantries aside let me I give you a very warm welcome you to my Top Recommended Program, Wealthy Affiliate, simply the best way to get started with affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place to find some real awesome blogging and affiliate marketing tips and techniques to help you to get started in the online business world and get started on your way to achieving your goal of building an income from the digital world.

If you noticed the hidden message in the main image above, do exactly that!, open up, let me in so I can help you as much as I can. Your success is my success. I take it personally!

The training here is the exact course I took after spinning my wheels for what seemed like forever! and took me from stuck in the mud to earning a full time income and travelling the world.

...and finding myself "stuck" in what is the safest place in the world during the Pandemic!

Everything here, from the training courses and lessons to the webinars and the community (by far the best part) is absolutely legit and have brought and recommended my own family to sign up and get started many members here are so cool I consider them my Digital Bruthas, and Sistas!

There is absolutely no, zero, nada tricking or manipulation of search engines or social media or anything other kind of trickery in order to get more traffic and better rankings. If you try to cheat here and earn a fast buck, you end up cheating yourself.

There is no need to cheat here, the ace up your sleeve is the world class training!.

My Story

A little about little old me! If you didn’t quite catch my name earlier I’m Derek and I’m a Blogaholic!. I have been blogging on WordPress since 2008,and a full time member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2015.

For me blogging is a little like Pringles – once you pop (up a blog) you just can’t stop!.

Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and niche site marketing helps me to quench my insatiable and at times insane thirst for knowledge where I can set up and run a site about something I am passionate about or, more often something that I want to learn about!.

...And the better part is that I can actually earn a living doing that thanks to the ability to earn affiliate commissions, advertising revenue / adshare programs like google adsense, simply sell (rent) advertising space on one of my sites.

There is actually an almost unlimited number of methods to monetize a site, from the most common methods that I have mentioned to full blown e-commerce or selling your own books, recipes (or whatever) to even selling memberships to a fee paying subscription site!

You also have the option of your own courses once/if you have certain level of expertise and following in a subject area.

I make no secret of it I am pretty nifty at Big Blue and paid advertising on their platform and able to drive traffic, sales and conversions. Get me in the right mood and you might just get me to reveal a secret or two to getting really cheap clicks (yep, US traffic at under 10 cents a click and often sub 5 cents is a regular occurance!)

(I'm also a sucker for memes and crazy funny GIF's - I double dare you to reply with a GIF below).

Why I Want To Help You!

Way back in the day being a newbie doobie and taking over the world one click of the keyboard at a time I had to do things the hard way and self learn a lot of techniques and tactics related to creating a successful site.

I had no idea that I could actually make money from blogging, affiliate marketing or building sites using WordPress as a content management platform.

Being a non-techie I was quite relieved zero programming was involved in building sites!.

(My Chief skill back then, well I was the OG Twitter Spammer!..I know how to spam the living day lights of out my links!).

Then a friend helped me out..big time!.. slowly and steadily I started to earn a living online by monetizing sites, and doing it the right way!

Kinda all new and very exciting to me at the time!.

Those sites are now years old and earning a passive income for me, and a comfortable living.

Naturally, it is time to return that favour and help others as I have been helped immensely myself.

I have seen the joys of helping some very close friends to achieve their own freedom from the humdrum of 9-5 job and “office slavery” as well as the challenges of teaching and helping my non-native English speaking girlfriend to a site that, while studying at University was earning more than her tutors!.

My Mission At Wealthy Affiliate

My mission here is to help you to achieve your success goals, may they be financial, freedom, a passive or hands on full or part time or a secondary income source. The goal is also to help you to improve your own abilities as an affiliate marketer.

Ultimately, I want you to succeed, as I said earlier your success is my success.

So take the training here seriously, complete your profile with a short introduction, a profile image* and tell us about your goals.

*Any image is fine, you cat or car is fine is you are the quiet type.

If I can help 10,000 people, that’s the lives of 10,000 families changed, the equivalent of helping an entire small town or suburb to a better life, I will be immensely happy and achieved my goal!.

This is where helping you, helps myself to achieve that goal.

If you need any help or assistance, no matter how big or small, do feel free to drop me a line by sending me a PM.

To your success and your best life.


P.S You can get started here with the training.

You can make a success of this. Nobody every succeeded by giving up!.

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Recent Comments


This is a great post for newbies like me! Really inspiring and very motivating! Thanks Derek! Got me unstuck.

Thank you very much for the offer Derek, I’m sure I will be knocking on your PM door soon. 🥳🎄

You can knock anytime...day or night. :-)

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

That is a very kind offer, Derek, and I might take you up on it at some point in the future when my site and products are ready! Here is wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Hi Derek,

Is this a copy of the post you have on your web site?

good to hear from you, it’s been a while 😉

Not literally, not verbatim.

It is edited and adapted for here with the links to my site taken out, which I feel would be inappropriate here.

The post is a simple warm welcome to WA for that join and have me as their mentor, instead of have them wondering who is this Derek guy? why not just introduce myself and direct them to where they can find out about me.

Much warmer and I feel more polite.

I really like and appreciate the time you devote to the WAmily and especially the newcomer who is struggling.

You have such a good message and a clear and easy way of explaining things...

Have you done your 2021 goals/objectives yet?
I am a bit intimidated by what I think I should be achieving and what I actually genuinely believe possible. The latter is lazy me and the former is positive and optimistic me..

The outcome,....as a result of the two voices inside me is......nothing....not started....

I shall now go and read (again) The story of “The Two Wolves Inside Us” and go and attempt to feed the good wolf... 🤗


I don't understand.

It is a blog post that serves as an extra information about me in addition to what is on my profile page for those that join and have me as their mentor.

An extra warm welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and to show new members the kind of community we are here.

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