Back To Work - Reality Makes Me Sad

Last Update: June 14, 2019

As some of you may know I live and work on a Kiwi Fruit farm in New Zealand. For the last 2 months the work slowed right down and I was able to indulge myself 100% in Wealthy Affiliate.

Sadly reality always has a way of intruding on my fun and I have started back on the farm full time again. This is my reality, like so many other members here, until I can replace my income with my affiliate business. I have only been back at my paying job for 2 days, and it has increased my determination to make a full time, and beyond, income from my laptop business.

All my free time from tomorrow morning, onward, will be spent on business, so my interaction in the Wealthy Affiliate community is going to drop right down to almost zero.

I apologize in advance, if I don't comment on your blog, answer a question or encourage you on your journey, but as we all know the bills have to be paid, and a dream business built.

Just 3 months on and I have 2 websites I am proud of, rankings on Page 1, in all the search engines and some amazing opportunities that I have affiliated with. I am determined not to let my momentum slip and am now moving onto my social marketing and networking.

I will miss the blogs I love reading here, the people I am slowly getting to know and the information I have gained from doing simple things like cruising the live chat.

I hope to once again be fully active in this community in the not too distant future.

Here is to success for everyone at Wealthy Affiliate.


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Shellback Premium
I understand what you are dealing with.....I have a heavy work schedule myself. I often read a blog or two during breaks just to make certain I am active in WA every day!

Thanks for posting
DeniseAS Premium
Hi Billy, I am now glancing at blogs of interest at about midnight, lol. Have a great day,
alfredg1948 Premium
BTW I have been following you for a while.
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you.
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Denise,

You know your priorities and I commend you for doing what you got to do. When your available business time is shortened, you must ficus on the actions that move your business forward. Everything else is secondary. We will understand your absence in the communication realm.

As usual, I wish you all the success in the world.

Mick-D Premium
I know where your coming from. I have never been prolific at posting here, and seeing my ranking move from 7000 to now over 11000 is not a good feeling. It is not as big as the last move though which went from 7000 something to 19000.
But, gotta focus on the big picture.

DeniseAS Premium
Hi Michael, the big picture is my focus from now on, I did like having spare time to cruise this platform, but I know I will get back to cruising in the future. There should be a way to turn off our ranking, lol.
Thanks for your comment and have a great day,
Linda103 Premium
Reality does have a habit of stepping in so we have to step back a bit. The main thing is to keep going with the websites then back to here when time allows. See you soon.
DeniseAS Premium
Thank you Linda, you are right and that is what I intend doing.
Have a great day