How To Gain Additional Organic Traffic With Google Videos (Without Ever Making A Video)

Last Update: November 25, 2019

How To Gain Additional Organic Traffic With Google Videos

Short description: With the help of a few tips presented here, you'll be able to drive more traffic to your website via the Google Videos search without ever making a video yourself.

Standard On-Page SEO Bible

Alright. By now pretty much all of us know the standard on-page search engine optimisation bible:

  1. Meta title - Must include the keywords.
  2. Meta description - If you are using it (I personally leave it blank). - Must include the keywords.
  3. Keywords in content - Keywords in the first TITLE, first PARAGRAPH, then use the keywords multiple times across the post but make sure it is logical and makes sense to put the keywords there.
  4. Alt tags in images - Alternative text of images must include the keywords.
  5. Internal links - Make sure to include them in your posts (Internal links are links that connect to other pages on your website).
  6. External links - Make sure to include external links in your posts (External links "link" to authoritive websites like Wikipedia).
  7. Video embedded - Include a video in your post.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, right?

But if I ask you now, how many of you actually complete all of the steps presented here for each post? Especially, the last one. Do you embed a video to your posts whenever you can?

Google Videos Search Engine

Let me explain why that is extremely important. Not only does embedding videos to your posts increase the time readers stay on your website, your post also gets ranked in Google under videos.

In Google you have the option to search by videos, not just by text & images. I personally don't use that functionality (I go straight to YouTube) but a lot of people do, which I'll show down below.

Case Study

Let's have a look at the following keyword "Jaaxy" cause why not. In fact, when we look into it slightly deeper we'll come to some very interesting conclusions!

Okay, when I conducted a search in Google Videos for the word "Jaaxy" this came out:

Let's get a few facts straight about the screenshot above:

  1. This is the meta title of the post, not the YouTube video.
  2. This is the link to the post, once again not to the YouTube video.
  3. This shows who uploaded the video to YouTube.
  4. Meta description of the post, not the YouTube video.
  5. Clicking on the video won't go to the source of the video (YouTube) but will go to wherever it was embeded (to the post).

After all of this, would you be surprised to learn that:

  1. The video was uploaded to YouTube by person A from website A.
  2. The video is embeded into a post by a completely different website and is now taking the first spot on Google Videos search.
  3. All of the "clickable" objects link directly to that post and not the original source of the video (YouTube).

Keep in mind that the website that embeded that video did absolutely nothing when it comes to creating that video, it simply embeded it into their post. And yet, now that website is on the first slot because of their on-page SEO. The meta title, URL link and meta description all fit the keyword.

Please keep in mind I am not trying to call out anyone (both of these websites are probably made by WA members). They're both doing what they should be doing, following the on-page SEO taught here at Wealthy Affiliate.

It's also interesting to note that the original creator of the video has the video embeded into their post as well, and yet it is not ranked first on the Google Videos for that keyword.

    Add Videos To Your Posts!

    What can we learn from the above? Embed videos to your posts whenever you can! Go on YouTube, find a video about whatever it is you're writing about, make sure it's connected with the topic, check for the quality of the video and embed it into your website!

    To embed a YouTube video simply click on Share below the video.

    Then click on the "Embed" option, copy the code and paste it as HTML within your post.

    Can I Just Embed Any Video?

    In most cases the answer is yes, but the short answer is no. Both this website and Quara advise you to be careful when picking the videos from YouTube. You should read the links I provided to know how to act in these cases but in short, if it has a "Share" button on YouTube it usually means that the owner of the video allows for the video to be embeded and shared on your website. There are certain cases where you should not embed a video (videos of commercial TV shows or movies,...).

    How To Track Your Organic Video Clicks

    Alright, you've embeded plenty of videos across your posts. But how do you track clicks to your website that you get via the Google Videos search? Google Search Console is once again the answer.

    Go to your Google Search Console -> Performance -> Enable filter "Video" and apply.

    Below the stats you'll also be able to see which pages (that have videos embeded) people click on with which queries and all the other statistics (the same system as with the standard search results).

    My Case Study

    Within my own website I have added videos to about 16% of my posts which is far too low (yes I've been a bad boy). The screenshot shown above shows all the organic clicks that I have received from Google via the Google Videos search engine in the past 28 days. In the next few days I will try to add as many videos as possible to my posts and observe the results. In 2 months I will come back and post my results. That should provide everyone with some useful information.

    Important current statistics (25.11.2019):

    • Percentage of posts with videos: 16%
    • Organic clicks via Google Videos (past 28 days): 118
    • Organic clicks via Google Videos vs Total Organic Traffic: 1,96%

    Results (2 months from now): -----

    Add Videos To Your Posts!

    Hopefully that will encourage you to really add videos to your posts from now on. It certainly triggered a switch in my head and made me wonder why I haven't been as mindful in regards to them in the past. Do you already embed videos on your posts and do you make them yourself? Have you known about Google Videos?

    Would love to hear some responses down below, take care!


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    Leanimal Premium
    Your post was very compelling! I have added video to a few of my posts! Hopefully, it will help drive traffic! Thank you for sharing!
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    Hi, Dejan.

    I'm going to have to read this more carefully later.

    Would you be so kind as to PM (Private Message) the link to How To Gain Additional Organic Traffic With Google Videos (Without Ever Making A Video)? Just send me this link with a hello.

    That way, I will know exactly where it is.

    I did not pay the appropriate attent to #4 in your list above and will have to update all my images with the corresponding details.

    Ouch. I have a lot of images.

    Thank you for sharing this post. It is good guidance.

    Kindest regards from Canada.

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    Great info! Thanks for sharing this!
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    Wow, Dejan--that seems pretty powerful. When my sites are better, I'm certainly going to have to take your advice! Thanks for sharing this valuable tutorial!

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    You should start including videos into your posts now, don't waste the time as I did!

    JeffreyBrown Premium
    I might try that--after all, I've got nothing to lose! Thanks!