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How To Gain Additional Organic Traffic With Google VideosShort description: With the help of a few tips presented here, you'll be able to drive more traffic to your website via the Google Videos search without ever making a video yourself.Standard On-Page SEO BibleAlright. By now pretty much all of us know the standard on-page search engine optimisation bible:Meta title - Must include the keywords.Meta description - If you are using it (I personally leave it blank). - Must include the keywords.
Hello,I've started outsourcing some of my content the past month and I am having a very mixed experience so far and would like to know more about it from your own experience.My experience so far (Fiverr):I've ordered about 7 articles so far, let me also mention that they have been low-cost articles as I am just trying the whole thing out. I've been very satisfied with 1 article that included very little mistakes in terms of grammar and logical sentences. I genuinely received more than I paid fo
Hello everyone,It will be a year since I joined in a month or something like that. My website has finally become a source of proper income and I am just getting started. I've read a few of your blogs and just everyone seems to be talking about the "Boom" when you just get that sudden increase of either traffic or sales. Well, that's what happened to me.Here's my path in terms of sales for the past year:As you can see the month of June absolutely went haywire. I've been getting about 90 organic