A New Milestone Reached! First Referral On My Second Website And Money!

Last Update: February 26, 2019

I now can officially say that I have TWO money making websites!! They aren't earning much and I still have a ways to go to match what my first website has earned during its lifetime, but this is a big accomplishment for me!

The training here at Wealthy Affiliate works, both the Online Entreprenuer Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp! My second website allows me to promote Wealthy Affiliate as well as other money making programs out there, but for a good while, I had let that website go dormant because I was heavily focused on my first website and the niche I targeted with that one. Well, I got burned out on my first website as well as having lost a lot of interest in that niche and so I started turning my focus to my second website.

I also have to say that there are a few members here that really inspiried me to work on my second website because I want to earn a full time income from promoting Wealthy Affiliate and those members are doing it and made it to Las Vegas! With that said, I started going through the Affiliate Bootcamp again. Now I had started it once already, but I didn't get very far in it. This time though, I'm cruising right along and following exactly what it says and now those results are slowly starting to pay off.

Today I got my first ever referral from my website thanks to a product review! It was a shocker because I wasn't expecting it, but folks, this is what makes creating an online business like this SOOOOOO worth it! Passive income is definitely the way to go as I LOVE the idea of earning money while you sleep, working at a main job (which I want to leave some day) or even on vacation!

Now the earnings I got from this referral so far is not very much and is something more akin to what you would see from Google's AdSense (which I don't use on my second website), but still, it is revenue and it shows that my consistent work is paying off. My last 8 articles have all been indexed by Google, some faster than others, traffic is slowly increasing, I'm getting consistent clicks on my articles that promote Wealthy Affiliate as well as the affiliate links to it, and now I also got my first ever referral from a product review on my site where I also compared it to Wealthy Affiliate (as far as which one would offer better long term income which is of course WA). It surprised me though that this person decided to sign up to the product I reviewed and while I didn't review it harshley and did say it's very possible to earn money from it, it's not a long term solution to earn a full time income which Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to do.

My next milestones or goals now is to get official referral websites to WA and and get my very first Premium signup as well. I did get my very first referral to WA over a year ago, but nothing ever came of it which is fine as I was just happy it even happened. I will continue to work hard and more consistent content to my website to make this all a reality! :)

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accad Premium
Great things are happening to the million worth producing project.
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That is great. Congratulations
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nice congrats.
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Congratulations...keep up the hard work.
StPaul Premium
Congrats and happy for you. Wishing you much Success!