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Well folks, I guess this is a milestone for me here at Wealthy Affiliate which has shocked me to be honest. Last night when I went to bed, my rank here was around 350. When I woke up, it suddenly went to 180 causing me to be in the top 200 for the first time here at Wealthy Affiliate and I've been here for 6 years.While that is exciting, my focus lately is getting my website where I want it to me and I've been working very hard on that endeavor lately. My goal is to make it to 100 posts by the
I'm on my phone when I get a very unexpected, but surprising notification from my PayPal account. It said I got paid! Now it's not very much money at all, in reality, just change, but still surprising and exciting nonetheless. It said the money came from a website I did not recognize so I went to the website only to discover that domain name is up for sale. This just added to the confusion for me so I went to my PayPal account to further investigate and the transaction actually originated from
June 03, 2020
I've been requesting comments recently for my posts on my website, but today is the first time I've ever disapproved 2 comments in one day and that is very concerning to me. Most of the time I edit them, not super extensively, but enough to where it seems more relevant. The two comments I disapproved had absolutely nothing remotely related to the topic of my post. All they said was how well it was written and that they will share with others. No opinion whatsoever or even any mention of my arti
I read a very interesting article that seems to reiterate what Kyle has mentioned about Amazon and their falling commission rates for Amazon Associates. Apparently, Amazon is in the midst of changing their website more into something that people seem is unfathomable.Amazon is changing their site to encourage people to shop LESS. You heard that right, Amazon wants people to shop less at their site. They are in the process of removing the things that would encourage people to keep shopping at the
I'm sure that you all are quite aware that things are very turbulent in our world today. Virus scares, oil price wars, market crashes, natural disasters, mass layoffs, etc. Our days seem less and less certain as these things are going on and we're not exactly sure what tomorrow will bring.Yesterday, I talked to a good friend and former co-worker of mine who is still at the call center I used to work at before my current job. He told me that the call center is completely shutting down at the end
I've been working hard the last couple of months on my second website as I've got some ambitious goals that I would like to reach. I want to make a full time income from it by promoting Wealthy Affiliate as well as other MMO programs that actually do end up earning you some money as well.My ultimate goal is to make it to Las Vegas one of these years, hopefully this decade. I've been working to add more content as I want to make it to 400+ posts on my website. I've also created a new YouTube cha
I was checking my email this morning and noticed that I received an interesting email from Google Search Console. I was a little concerned at first because I thought it was informing me of an error it found in one of my websites. That was not the case at all and it was letting me know one of my pages from my first website is trending!!This has been an absolute shocker because I pretty much abandoned my first website to focus on my second website where I feel I can be the most beneficial to peop
I really like Wealthy Affiliate and I've learned a lot in my 6 years that I've been here and still have plenty more to learn. My first website had me excited and I did have some big ideas for it and where I thought it would take me. The thing is, I never really planned for it properly or set realistic goals to achieve the financial goals I had envisioned for myself.While my first website does have a decent amount of content on it, it never really made much money. Sure, I did earn some here and
Debt. It's a horrible word for many people and a great majority of people are swimming in it. Sadly, I am definitely one of those as I let my debt spiral out of control. I am doing something about it on multiple fronts, but the enemy is definitely fighting back. I'm enrolled in a debt relief company to combat the tens of thousands of dollars I owe to multiple creditors. I am getting close to seeing some success as I'm a couple of months away from paying off my first creditor and I should have a
Overall, this year has been a slow year for me at Wealthy Affiliate. I took some time away from it because I needed to re-evaluate things and I had other pressing matters that needed my immediate attention. After taking a number of months off from WA this year, I've decided to fully focus on one website instead of two. The reason for this is that I have just lost a lot of interest in the niche of my first website and just don't have the desire to really go on with it. I don't really engage with