When Is It Time To Close Comments?

Last Update: November 06, 2014

Hi Everyone!

I have a very successful blog post that gets a lot of traffic and a ton of comments. I'm VERY grateful for this so I don't want my question to come across as a complaint!

Close to 1000 comments have been left in the last year+ and as you can imagine, many are repeat questions or comments.

My question~ is it a good or bad idea to close comments? Would I slowly start losing rank in the search engines? Also, how do you handle duplicate comments? Just don't publish them?

I have to admit, when readers come to my site and take the time to leave their questions or comments, I feel obliged to answer everyone!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Shawn Martin Premium
Answer every one :)
Deezdz Premium
Will do! Thanks Shawn :)
teacup Premium
ditto what Leo said. full agreement
leluka Premium
See that you get perfect answer.More comments leads to great SEO.To your success...
steveo5770 Premium
I would definitely go with leo on this :)
leoemery Premium
Don't close them - the more the merrier - this is great for your SEO - and don't worry about duplicate questions this is unavoidable with this many comments.

Just answer them as they come in.

Also good on you for having a very successful post.

Deezdz Premium
Thank you for this Leo! I guess I was concerned about all the repeat questions. I can't blame my readers for not wanting to scroll through hundreds of q&a's to find what they're looking for. I'll keep comments open and keep answering all the questions... and do so happily. thanks again. ~ Dee