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February 25, 2015
Hi everyone... I could use some advice! I've noticed many bloggers in the crafting/recipe/diy niche have been hosting Link Parties. This is set up using InLinkz or LinkyTools. Many sites are doing this on a weekly basis and recieving a ton more traffic (because other bloggers want to share their work and have a link back to thier site!) There can be upward of 200-300 permalinks shared on one post. I'm wondering if using this method to increase my traffic will have an adverse effect my on SEO? I
Hi Everyone! I have a very successful blog post that gets a lot of traffic and a ton of comments. I'm VERY grateful for this so I don't want my question to come across as a complaint! Close to 1000 comments have been left in the last year+ and as you can imagine, many are repeat questions or comments. My question~ is it a good or bad idea to close comments? Would I slowly start losing rank in the search engines? Also, how do you handle duplicate comments? Just don't publish them? I have to adm
First, I've been away so long, where's the best place to ask questions now? Under my questions, or a blog post or live chat? I'm trying to insert an Amazon Link for a paint product on my page. I'm using the correct code Amazon provides, but when I click on it, it brings up an unrelated page of books (not my paint product) and says: "Your search did not match any products" Anyone ever have this happen and does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks ~Dee
October 21, 2014
Hi Everyone... WOW... so many new faces since the last time I blogged here. I look forward to getting to know you all. :) I just want to quickly mention that this past year, I've been focusing on building a furniture painting/re-styling business. This includes a website ( which is generating a monthly income! I'm grateful to WA for all the support and training. And even though I haven't been a "participating" member for the last 12 months, I continuously pop in to use t
November 27, 2012
Tomorrow is my one year anniversary here at Wealthy Affiliate.I've learned SO much, have met some remarkable people, and have made some very special friends!During the past year, WA has changed considerably. The interface/look is entirely different, we blog posts vs posting to the forum, and probably the biggest change of all, WA is now accessible to all who are interested in seeing what it has to offer.The things that have remained the same -Quality Information, Inspiring Members, and Super
Hi there!I could really use some help =)Can anyone give me any ideas how to create a webpage which includes a "Download Form" which someone can fill out and then "Upload A Picture" of themselves and send it back?Is there an easy 3rd party html embedding code I can use?ThanksDee"The only limit to our realization oftomorrow will be our doubts of today."- Franklin D. Roosevelt
August 09, 2012
My sister and I are heading off for a well deserved 2 week vacation the day after tomorrow.I'm super excited as she's my favourite travel partner! ...sshhh...don't tell my man I said that ;) 1 week in Rhode Island and a 1 week cruise to Bermuda.If anyone has travelled to these places and would like to share any points of interest, I'd love to hear about them.Hope you all have a great couple of weeks and talk to you soon.Dee
Hello...Happy Friday Everyone! =)The pics/images I use for all my websites are stored on my computer.I'm searching for an online storage solution which is reliable and preferably free.I'm curious to know what WA members are using for image storage and the pro's/con's of storing images online?Thanks Denise
Hi there and hope everyone's well!Can someone please send me a Pinterest invite?I tried logging in with my FB account (which someone suggested) and it's not working for me. I also requested through Pinterest and I'm still waiting.Thank you!Denise“I’ve been blessed to find people who are smarter than I am, and they help me to execute the vision I have.” ~ Russell Simmons
Hi there,One of my Squidoo lenses (which I have not updated in several months) was ranked #3 spot on Googles first page for the keyword phrase "herbs for infertility"....until yesterday. It's been getting some nice traffic and I've made some sales so I figured to keep the momentum going, I will update it. Big mistake? Now I've been dropped to the bottom of page 1!My question is why would I lose rank when I've updated a site? Has anyone else experienced this?http://www.squidoo