My WA experience, so far!

Last Update: September 18, 2017

For the starters, let me say that I can only call myself a novice with the computer...(okay, please do not laugh!!).

I am serious. Being a homemaker is a 24 hour job in itself with no earnings but a lot of satisfaction in nurturing a family and creating a home out of just a house. However, now that my child is out of the age of being spoon-fed or being physically guided to everything, I have managed to get some free time at hand and the thought of earning some money while sitting at home, came to mind.

On the suggestion from my husband, I started exploring the internet, which in itself took me a lot of time getting used to, and while browsing through many 'opportunities' got stuck at WA.

The pitch was genuine, The cost of involvement is not high, the site is easy to navigate and the description from Ambassador Kyle in his video clips are all factors that led me to take the next steps and start on the journey of online business.

It indeed is a pleasure and a self gratifying experience to see your own website coming along because of your own efforts - and for me, lot of efforts because of my infancy in the world of computers and the web - and the feeling eggs you on to keep improving. Although, I must point out that this is not easy. Initially I had thought I will put only a couple of hours every day into this, but soon found this self constrain as ridiculous and now am too much into this. Must give this credit to the WA developers that they gradually unfold this fact that it requires a lot of time and effort towards writing your blogs, comment on other sites, respond to your comments, etc. etc. This happens only when you have already got hooked to the idea.

Anyhow! Now I am looking forward to seeing my site indexed by Google and also to take the steps into the affiliate marketing arena.

I am sure there are many many more like me and to all of us, yes, we need to be patient (as I learned this morning from one of the members in the live chat). While to the entire WA community, all the very best!

My post will be incomplete if I do not mention a special 'Thank You' to Kyle for his very detailed explanations in each lesson's video walk-through!



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arielharris7 Premium
Great job! and no worries, take it slow and easy..pace yourself and enjoy watching your business grow. I know you will do well. best wishes and showers of blessings, ariel
mickeyb123 Premium
Congratulations on your progress and I wish you all of the good things that come with success!
@RICH. Premium
Congrats. on your progress, here's wishing you every success! :)
ericcantu Premium Plus
Congratulations on your journey, and yes, i think there's a common misconception about online business that stems from all the crazy get rich quick schemes out there that makes people believe they can put in 2 hours a day and somehow end up with part time to full time income.

Online business like traditional business takes time to build, but thankfully we have the best training and mentorship available to us with WA, and it's something we can do right from our laptop :)

Stay driven, stay focused, and attack that training. It really works! Here's something to keep you motivated!