Google Search Console - I am totally confused

Last Update: December 05, 2017

Everything seemed to be working fine with Google Analytics, Search Console, et al until the last week. However, on December 1, when I logged in to Search Console, it welcomed me as a rank newcomer.

There was no trace of my websites, whatsoever. I was prompted to add my websites to the search console, submit my sitemaps, etc. etc. - all the steps that I had gone through and completed more than a month ago.

Now I do not understand what happened to the indexing that Google had done for my websites earlier? Now the search console tells me that for my website, 16 pages have been submitted and 4 have been indexed....Only 4??? What happens to the balance 12 or at least 10 more if we leave the About Me and Privacy Policy out.

Please educate me on this aspect, someone!!

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sheikave Premium
google bots are not accurate enough no need to worry.
DeepikaJ Premium
OH, so I have company....subject to the whims of the big G. This doesn't look good Mr. Google!!
Memorylaneuk Premium
I'm afraid it happened to me too recently. I lost 2 of my 3 websites. I could find no logic. I find the technical things very frustrating but there is no point arguing with Google.
With Grace and Gratitude
MKearns Premium
I fear there is a missing under construction sign at Google HQ!
JamesAnders1 Premium
I discovered something similar last night too, I had to verify ownership again, I had it verified two days earlier. I just went through the whole process again. I find google frustrating at times.
I'm sorry I can't shed more light on this for you. I hope you get it sorted out.