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Last Update: May 6, 2023

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Wake Up, Truth Seekers!

Several days ago, I read several arresting pieces by one of our revered and favorite friends here at Wealthy Affiliate, TheCatherine.

"The Steering Wheel Came Off In My Hands"

"There Has Never been A Better time to join Wealthy Affiliate and become Financially Independent". 

My post today relates in one way, or another, to both of Catherine's blog posts-- and to an earlier, yet to be finished series of mine, in which I wrote about Alan Turing and the "Turing Test".

Alan Turing (1912-1954) was one of the earliest venturers into AI. The mix of mathematicians, logicians, cryptographers, inventors, investors, scientists, computer geeks, politicians, etc., etc., who forged the convoluted path, which brings us to the present, is filled with interesting and genius personalities.

Untangling the names, the technologies, and the timelines surrounding the "Internet" has been, still is, a little like solving a "Whodunit Mystery". Without Turing, we may have found ourselves in a totally different world today.

Thanks goes to another of our good friends, Frank, who encouraged me to research this man, whom some refer as the father of AI. Hold those thoughts.

Artificial intelligence - Alan Turing and the beginning of AI | › technology › computers › artificial intelligence

"The earliest substantial work in the field of artificial intelligence was done in the mid-20th century by the British logician and computer pioneer Alan Mathison Turing. In 1935 Turing described an abstract computing machine consisting of a limitless memory and a scanner that moves back and forth through the memory, symbol by symbol, reading what it finds and writing further symbols. The actions of the scanner are dictated by a program of instructions that also is stored in the memory in the form of symbols. This is Turing’s stored-program concept, and implicit in it is the possibility of the machine operating on, and so modifying or improving, its own program. Turing’s conception is now known simply as the universal Turing machine. All modern computers are in essence universal Turing machines."

Where Am I Going With This?

Some of us have been studying, watching, playing around in-- assorted AI assisted language models, researching tools, and writing programs. There has been an explosion of articles here in Wealthy Affiliate, and every other network known to man, accompanied by an array of comments ranging from "It's an exciting time to be living," to "It's the end of the world."

Wow! And a few days ago, Google gave us BARD which, according to "Somebody", Google was not ready to release, but did so to keep up with, you know who, Microsoft.

There Is Another Side To The Story.

I have pointed out in a previous article how BOT outright lied to me and made me feel almost like he enjoyed doing it. He expressed that condescending arrogant tone that makes me shudder to think about. Some of you get it and others are chuckling.

Well, obviously (or is it?), he is expressing the tone of his programmers. He has not passed the Turing Test yet. Has he, Frank? No he has not.

But, I am questioning the programmers' motives...

Back To The Beginning

In Catherine's article about the steering wheel (a reprint of a former great post), she described the following: First she wrote an in depth review of George Orwell's 1984, comparing it to some of our current world problems. She entered that into ChatGPT.

Then she entered her story about the steering wheel.

Then she asked ChatGPT to correlate the two stories to affiliate marketing. BOT wrote a beautiful piece and connected it nicely to her personal story. He had nothing to say about the Orwell novel, 1984. Nada!

It's a little more complicated than that-- and I urge you to go read both of the articles I linked to above.

The following is a short conversation between me and Catherine regarding that post:

Me: Hi there, Catherine. This is a very interesting experiment. I wonder why "Bot" didn't choose to include any points based on the first half of your article, those speaking about George Orwell and his novel, "1984". You implied that you gave him the whole article. Is that correct?

Like 1Reply 3TheCatherineTop 504 days ago


Catherine: No I asked him to correlate the two experiences. In a separate prompt I asked him to draw it in but it didn't work

Like Reply deelilahTop 504 days ago


Me: I'm not surprised. He is particular and he lies too. I asked him once to write a poem about Donald Trump and he said he was not programmed to do that. Then I asked him to write a poem about Joe Biden and he proceeded to write a 12-stanza, 4-line poem in perfect aabb form. I wrote about it in one of my last two articles, a two-part one on a petition to halt AI training for six months. Don't worry, that's not to halt anything up to and through ChatGPT4, but any future.

I Changed My Mind

I don't want the government injecting their controls over anything, including halting AI's future.

This diagram is from the second of Catherine's posts (referenced above), which was a clever piece involving the stars lining up around meaningful societal events, the state of the world today, and this curve. You must read her article.

Napier's Curve Describing a Logarithmic Decline

We are the world. The question is where are we on this graph? Does the question make more than a few of us feel uneasy?

Here Is The Other Side Of The Story

I don't feel uneasy about AI taking over the world on its own. I never was. It does not have a mind of its own. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't.

Right now AI has the mind of its creators. And that should give you pause. But there are more immediate reasons to fear. Government/s must not be allowed to put AI technology to Orwellian uses.

I recommend everyone read or reread that novel, "1984" by George Orwell. It is a chillingly fun read (There is a chillingly fun oxymoron.) It is prophesy coming true.

Remember When?

It was about this time, 1984, when the big, clunky handsets appeared. With these, you could walk several hundred feet away from your hardwired phone, which decorated a wall nicely or sat on your desk. Many of us were around to watch Big Brother's encroachment. We didn't care. I had an uncle who warned us to not do that, because someone out in the ether could, should they want to, listen to or record our conversations.

It was true then and it's truer now. With leaky airwaves, greedy ears, and lying lips, security is one of the names of the games.

What about companies whose whole business revolves around collecting and selling personal data?

China's citizens live in an Orwellian world now. The government has complete control over its citizens through the use of various technologies. And AI is helping them (the government) do it with great efficiency. China is a surveillance state in almost every way. Based on the data it receives, China uses this information to make predictive scores of people's loyalty (to the government). And they award privileges based on one's score. A privilege could be being allowed to leave one's house. Ring any bells?

There is a government church in China. That is it. The others are persecuted, fined, driven underground, imprisoned, or killed. This is not what we want.

Is that where we are headed? According to some reports, we may be.

I am quoting from the Epoch News, San Francisco, April 28-May 2 (2023) Page A6, Nation.

". . .barred Catholic priests from ministering to service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Just before Easter, Walter Reed issued a cease- and-desist letter to the Holy Name College Friary, stating they must stop providing religious services at Walter Reed. Instead the contract for "pastoral care" was granted to Mack Global LLC, a defense contractor that provides janitorial supplies and industrial machinery, among other things."

If that isn't the height of disrespect coming from our government, I don't know what is. You can feel how demeaning that is no matter what your faith.

My government has shown me nothing to keep my trust. So I worry if they get their hands on anything they can use to increase their power and my dependency, including AI, blockchain, etc. It makes me nervous to say that out loud but Big Brother knows more than that about me.

Global banking has a lot of power over all of us too, but that was in a previous post and is another story for another day.

Here Is The Answer

As it stands, ChatGPT cannot pass the "Turing Test". In simple terms, a computer put through a series of tests must be able to fool a human into believing that between it and another human, it has provided the human answer.

This is also a story I intend to continue. Stay tuned. Thank you for reading.

Yours, Donna (aka Deelilah)

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Hey Frank, I'm glad you made it to the party. I have not seen the movie yet, but it is on my list. I will check out this link now. Thank you for that. This is quite a journey we're on. And now I'm going to take an hour, or so, and play the piano-- after I unload the pile of books and papers sitting on it.

That sounds like a wonderful idea, Donna! Remember to play a little everyday. Music is the best medicine! 😎

Watch some of those Boston Dynamics videos and let me know what you think.

The Atlas robot is pretty impressive and there a video of a chain of Spot robots pulling a truck.

There’s also some great videos on YouTube.

Frank 🎸

Hi, Donna

Great post & thanks for the shoutout!

I may have already mentioned that you should see the movie "The Imitation Game," about how Alan Turing designed an analog computer to crack the German message encryption machine called "Enigma." Benedict Cumberbatch does a brilliant job playing Turing.

As for robotic technology, several companies are leading the way with integrated AI internationally. Check out what Boston Dynamics is doing commercially. On the robotic offensive and defensive R&D side, they are well-funded by DARPA.

Rock On! 🤘🤖
Frank 🎸

Thanks for the info Frank

You're entirely welcome, Catherine! 😎🎸

To me, the saddest thing about Alan Turing is that the man who created the concept of the stored program and saved countless Allied lives during the war by cracking the German Enigma code was persecuted by the British government and chemically castrated for ... being homosexual. What a totally mixed-up (I'd prefer to use a different term) set of priorities.

That is sad, and so wasteful of talent, and so stupid. Some say he committed suicide over it. Others say it was not suicide, but foul play. Sorry, I'm not sure about that. I have so many little facts unrelated to my posts tucked into my brain, I'm not sure anymore. Thanks for reading the post, Phil. It's always nice to see you.

Couldn't agree more Phil. I knew the story because I am old enough to remember homosexuallty being illegal.And the furorewhen Thea t was repealed. Would you believe that was as late as 1967

Still is in many oppressive countries.

That’s all in the movie “The Imitation Game”, Donna.

Benedict Cumberbatch gave his usual excellent performance.

Benedict is a real multitalented individual. I loved his performance in The Current War as Edison and Star Trek Into Darkness as Kahn.

He did a great job singing Comfortably Numb with David Gilmour, which can be viewed on YouTube.

Not to forget Dr Strange.

Dr Strange! 👍

Perhaps we’ll watch that for tonight’s movie. Thanks, Phil!😎

Stephen Strange lives in the Marvel universe. The special effects are pretty good. Also has the excellent Tilda Swinton.

Yes, the first installment of Dr Strange has great CGI and sound. Tilda plays “The Ancient One”.

A fascinating article Donna, and not just because you mention me more than once. Your government is not alone in duping the people. As far as I am concerned, no government has its citizens' interests at heart. Interestingly the lunar eclipse that happened on the 5th of May will almost certainly bring financial crashes. I am not giving anyone financial advice, but having some cash at home might be sensible wherever you live. Pluto is in the same place, for the first time since 1929, when the great crash happenedTuring is widely recognized for his contributions to the field of computer science and for his efforts to create machines that could think and learn like humans. Which is a natural extension of my articles

Hi there, Catherine. Thanks for reading-- and suppling me with several themes. I know you are are a citizen of the universe, but where were you born and/or lived most of your life? I am curious, if you care to share. Frank started me on Turing months back. The connections between his work and today's technologies are many and fascinating. A financial crisis is in the making, globally. I just hope it doesn't happen on Monday.

Financially you are correct. I was born in the UK but left it on the 1st of January 1984 when I was 28. I never stepped foot in it again until 2O14. I had never planned to set foot in it all but my husband was going to return with ot without me. We returned on the 6th March 2014 and two months later he was diagnosed with cancer. On asubliminal level I think he came home to die. I have lived and owned businesses on four continents.

Do you have a book? You certainly do have a story. Thank you for sharing.

I totally agree with your astute assessment, Donna! With every other complete travesty going on in the world, we are definitely not ready for this nonsense as a dristraction either, but we deal with what we have to deal with! Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation behind the scenes!


You know what, a distraction is exactly what certain guilty parties want right now-- and they will use anything to get it. Thanks for reading, Jeffrey. You are a faithful friend.

You are right, Donna! I am definitely a faithful friend!


I meant you are a faithful friend to me because you read all my posts. LOL. And I appreciate that. You have a terrific weekend, my friend!

I truly appreciate your kind sentiments, Donna!


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