The Steering wheel Came off In my Hands While Driving

Last Update: Apr 27, 2023

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1984 was significant for George Orwell. He wrote the novel "1984" which was published in 1949. I suspect George Orwell had psychic abilities because the world he describes looks very like the world of today, a bit like the day that the steering wheel came off in my hands. (More about that later; you know the drill, get your substance or sustenance of choice, and settle down.

George Orwell's novel "1984," published in 1949, is a highly influential and significant work of literature for several reasons.

Dystopian vision:

The novel offers a chilling portrayal of a dystopian future characterized by pervasive government surveillance, totalitarianism, and the suppression of individual freedom. This vision warned against centralized power's potential dangers and personal liberties' erosion.

Critique of totalitarianism:

"1984" critiques totalitarian regimes by demonstrating how they use propaganda, surveillance, and psychological manipulation to control their populations. It is a cautionary tale against the extreme ideologies that can lead to such oppressive societies. I blogged about how we got to just that point in history yesterday.


"Newspeak" is a language designed to restrict thought and limit the expression of dissenting opinions. This idea highlights the power of language as a tool for political control and underscores the importance of protecting freedom of speech.

Thoughtcrime and thought control:

The novel explores the concept of "thoughtcrime," or the criminalization of certain thoughts and beliefs. This idea demonstrates the lengths to which a totalitarian regime might go to maintain control over its citizens and the dangers of allowing governments to police thoughts.

Despite being written in the mid-20th century, "1984" remains relevant today as it resonates with readers who grapple with privacy, surveillance, and government control issues. The novel encourages its audience to remain vigilant in protecting their rights and freedoms in the face of potential threats.

in fact, the world today looks a lot like the steering wheel has come off in the people's hands. Which neatly segways back to my story the steering wheel came off in my hands.

1984 was significant for me because it was the year that my husband , Leo, and I drove 100,000 miles around Australia. We went across every desert and river, and we drove a four wheel drive around the whole of Australia. it was an exciting year which marked the end of a four year overland trip to get there. In those days we had no Internet and I couldn't be a digital nomad. It was also a significant time because interest rates were 18 percent and we earned 22 percent interest on our capital sitting comfortably in the bank. That was my first taste of passive income. We were literally paid to travel, which was why the trip was four years. We came back to more money then we left.

Permanent Digital Nomad

These days i am a permanent digital nomad and boy would I like to see those interests rates again and the way the world is borrowing they many yet return, but back to my steering wheel.

There I am driving along a dirt track in South Australia going from nowhere to nowhere. I can't remember exactly where we were but we passed a town with the population of 1 person. A very helpful garage owner.

The road was incredibly rutted with erosion, and we bounced and rattled along. Suddenly I said,

"I am finding it very difficult to steer"

Leo wanted to know why and I replied

"I don't know why but the car is not responding to the changes I am making in direction"

As I said that I turned to him and the movement caused my shoulders to turn to the left slightly and the steering wheel came off in my hand. Leo was well used to weird situations happening while driving on dirt roads and he just said

"That'll be why then!" I don't think he added an exclamation mark, but in retrospect, I think it deserved one. I stopped the car where we were, I couldn't exactly steer it. Fortunately one of the benefits of this type of road in the eighties was the fact that only about ten people a day were driving on them.

Leo was an expert and experienced mechanic, but even I knew that the job of reattaching the steering wheel would be easier with welding equipment, I went for a walk in the bush and left him to it. Knowing he needed calm and time to consider his options so as to best utilize what we had to solve the problem. I was unduly worried he had always managed to fix everything before. True enough he did fix it and abut three hours later we were back on that rickety road, with a hope and a prayer that we would arrive safely in the next town.We did indeed make it and I got to know Mike in the garage of the town with the population of 1, who kindly lent Leo welding gear so he could make a more permanent temporary fix.

Now How Is that relevant to the Wealthy Affiliate Community?

I copied and pasted exactly what I had written in quotes into chatgpt4 and asked it to draw the conclusions between this story and affiliate marketing and this is what it wrote. 9 I could of course have written it myself but I am exhausted and there is a series I want to watch on Netflix

Chatgpt's version

The story you shared is an interesting and engaging anecdote from your personal life, and it can be connected to internet marketing and affiliate marketing in several ways:

  1. Adaptability and problem-solving: Just as you and your husband had to adapt and find a solution to the steering wheel issue, affiliate marketers need to be adaptable and resourceful when facing challenges in their businesses. Whether it's adapting to changes in search engine algorithms or responding to shifts in consumer behavior, the ability to think on your feet and find creative solutions is essential for success.
  2. Embracing the unknown: In your story, you ventured into the unknown by traveling across Australia, facing unpredictable situations and overcoming obstacles along the way. Similarly, affiliate marketers often have to take risks and venture into new niches or marketing strategies, embracing the unknown and learning from their experiences.
  3. Persistence and determination: Your journey across Australia, including the steering wheel incident, required persistence and determination to overcome the challenges you faced. In affiliate marketing, persistence is key to achieving success. It often takes time to see the fruits of your labor, and staying committed to your goals is essential.
  4. The value of passive income: Your experience with earning interest on your capital during your trip highlights the appeal of passive income. In affiliate marketing, building a successful online business can generate passive income through commissions, allowing marketers to enjoy more financial freedom and flexibility in their lives.
  5. The importance of a supportive community: In your story, you encountered helpful individuals like the garage owner who provided assistance when needed. Similarly, in the world of internet marketing and affiliate marketing, having a supportive community can be invaluable. By exchanging ideas, offering advice, and sharing resources, marketers can learn from each other and grow their businesses more effectively.

Overall, your story demonstrates that life experiences can provide valuable lessons and insights that are relevant to other aspects of our lives, such as affiliate marketing. The parallels between your journey across Australia and the world of internet marketing emphasize the importance of adaptability, problem-solving, persistence, and community in achieving success.

All I can say is it got this community in 1

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This is why I cherish you and love you so much, Catherine.
What an adventure!
One of a book full I am sure. 🙂

You are becoming an expert in AI.
ChatGPT got WA down pat.

'1984' remains one of my favourite books of all time.
I think Orwell was an Alien actually. 😉

Hungry for more.

I tend to disagree Cassi, I think we are all aliens! But yes I have led an extraordinary life, but I created it, the good and the bad. I continue to do so and I love the fact that you are creating yours. It doesn't look like mine or anyone else's, but it is life for you and your daughter. One of the reasons I love to read your successes because you take responsibility and control and most people are terrified of that.
Thanks for stopping by

I think you are absolutely right, Catherine!
We are all Aliens. 🙂

We have both travelled off the beaten path and created extraordinary lives.
I did not appreciate this at all before I joined WA.
A great life story is built on the good, bad and "indifferent". 🥰
Today, I cherish my own.

Fear of holding the reins keeps many (if not most) people from enjoying the high oxygen that comes from reaching the top and living their dreams.

I am grateful and happy that I took the risks that I did and fell on my face and bum all those times.

Keep journeying! 🤗


My traveling and improving will never stop. I suspect neither will yours

And your suspicions are ON POINT, Catherine!!!!!!!

We are in this together. 🙂


I am so grateful I have the freedom to create my own life and that others are brave enough to do it also

We do have a lot to be grateful for, Catherine.


We sure do my friend


Hi there, Catherine

What an amazing story. ChatGPT gets an A++ Dean's list award (lol).
This illustrates the power of ChatGPT. It's an critical thinking machine.
It's ability to make these comparisons is mind-blowing.

Your steering wheel experience made my day. 🥰
This is why we adore the WA community so much (smile).
It is in a league of its own. Who needs frenemies?

p.s. This had to be an out of body experience, right?

Rachele, hard to say, girl; I have out-of-body experiences every day. Todays post not quite written yet may interest you on how AI has improved my writing skills.

Absolutely, our Wealthy Affiliate Shero

Looking forward to how AI improved your
(already amazing) writing skills.

This is why we love our WA community. It is replete with
super intelligent affiliates that are never condescending.

Thank you for sharing your amazing posts that gives us knowledge, hope, and most importantly laughter (I get silly at times).

p.s. (desperately seeking AI prompt training)

Send me a pm Rachele with the subject line prompt training I am doing an interactive workshop which will be free at the end of May and I will put you on the list

Absolutely! Will do.

I would love to get on that list too! Please!

No problem Brie it is a free three day workshop

Go, Rachelle!

Thanks, Donna

Oh Catherine that was an incredible experience worthy of sharing! I remember to have watched a comedy show and somehow it depicted your experience of the steering wheel coming off while the car is in motion! That’s why when you mentioned this incident in my latest blog, I thought “does this really happen in real life?”

Hahaha! Funny that you involved AI to connect your experience with its relevance to WA, and it surely delivered . 😂

Thank you Catherine for this very interesting post.

Maria 🌹

Thanks so much for the laugh, especially this part.

""That'll be why then!" I don't think he added an exclamation mark, but in retrospect, I think it deserved one."

An interesting lead in with the discussion on 1984. I can remember reading that and being doubtful it could ever manifest. Now I watch as it is not only embraced but cheered on by so many.

An interesting thought on the Chatgpt. I follow a guy who has been training his own, and it makes me wonder how much the individual access such as your own are being trained to fit you specifically with each use. Where it will growingly mimic what it believes is tailored to your own expectation.



Thank you Jason , I couldn't have put it better myself
Where it will growingly mimic what it believes is tailored to your own expectation.

What a story, Catherine...glad it worked out for you both in the end. 1984 was once mandatory reading in my school. Perhaps more folks should choose to read it. It certainly gives pause considering the times we're living in. And now with just the click of a button, machine writes the story yet again.


Yes ironic isn't it! Thank you Susan

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