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Last Update: Aug 27, 2018


Hi All,

I’ve been stuck in one place for quite a while. One of the issues I had been having is that my theme did not match with the training. (Basic stuff, right!) Whenever the training said to do something, I couldn’t find those same features in my theme.

The Blame Game

I blamed myself

  • It was beyond my level of comprehension.
  • This technical stuff is not for me

I blamed WA

  • The training was wrong
  • It is outdated and needs to be updated

I blamed the Theme

  • It wasn’t current
  • It just did not have the right features

Well, I knew my intelligence wasn’t the problem. I have confidence in my ability to learn new things. I knew WA wasn’t the problem. Just look at all the success stories. Therefore, the issue had to be with my theme. However, I was so hesitant to change it. There are so many! I already made one bad decision. I was afraid I would lose whatever I already had on my site.

Never Give Up

However, I was persistent. I did a search for trainings on themes….and it finally clicked. I am sorry I cannot recall which training I was viewing but I just did what it said about using the filters. That narrowed down my choices. I saw one I liked – it looked clean and simple. I bit the bullet, hit the activate button, and it has changed everything for me. I was able to add the feature images, add a custom header, add widgets, and resume the training. Everything just looked like something I was willing to share. (The link is on my profile page) I still have to add a lot of content..what is there is pretty old. However, I am really excited to do just that….all with a new focus.

I just want to encourage all the newbies not to delay in reworking your initial attempts. Whether it’s your goals, your themes, or your niches. If something is not working, find the solution. If you have tried once or twice, try a third time. I had watched the trainings and read the discussions on themes many times. It just did not click until now.

So Impressed with SiteSupport

I just want to give a shout-out to SiteSupport. I was having a minor issue deleting a test, siterubix website that I had created. I had gone through all the steps but it just wasn’t working. So, I submitted a ticket….late on a Sunday afternoon. Within seconds, the request was acknowledged and in another few seconds, the issue was resolved. ON A SUNDAY….that was impressive. Just validated my belief that WA is the real deal.

So…I am going to spend this week creating content…and I can’t wait!

We Can Do This Together!

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Great post, Debbie and this advice is certainly not just for the newbies. Thanks


I agree, Wayne.....I'm no a newbie and I'm still learning this stuff! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

Debbie, I am so happy that you were able to get yourself back on track. Persistence is the key.

Thanks a bunch...I responded to your kind comments on my profile page.

Site Support is the best!!! I cannot believe how fast they can fix a problem.

Absolutely....thanks for reading.

Hi. Debbie,

What a journey to self realixation. Solid work.

Your are correct. "We can do this together."

Your friend,

Maxine's been a fun few days.

Hey Debbie,
So glad to hear that everything is going well for you and you are doing great on your NEW site!!!

Tried and True


Appreciate your comments...thanks!

Hi Debbie,
What a great testimony of WA and of yourself in not giving up.

As for Site Support, they are the number #1 "Tech Support" in the world, in my opinion.

Have fun in getting your content on its way this week.


Thanks, Bill....the whole WA experience is so positive. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Great discovery Debbie. In replacing your theme you replace yourself!

That's what I feel like...a new me. Thanks for commenting.

Yes Debbie, the buck stops here.

Great post my friend!


Thanks...appreciate the comment.

I really liked the "blame ..." section of your post.
We tend to come up with excuses instead of solutions.

Great job. Keep it up!

It is the easier path but it doesn't get us anywhere. Thanks for your comment.

Fantastic, and Congrats Debbie! Sometimes all that is needed is a little "push" to open everything up!

You really were the initial push...just encouraging me to blog. That made me want to have something terrific to blog about. The formatting is bugging looks perfect in the editor...all the H2 headings but when I publish, it all goes away! Something on my end...mouse or browser. I'll figure it out.

YES Debbie, you WILL figure it out, and it will be AWESOME!!!

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
4-Steps to Success Class
One Profit Ready Website
Market Research & Analysis Tools
Millionaire Mentorship
Core “Business Start Up” Training