Affiliate Analogy - V is for Victory

Last Update: February 13, 2018

Affiliate Analogy Continues….

V is for Victory

The competition for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea has begun. Anticipation awaits all athletes to see who will be representing their country on the victory podium.

Sporting events like the Olympics are a perfect example of victory….success or superior position achieved against an opponent. There is an opposing person or team and the better one wins. Doing your best when it matters most is an exhilarating feeling. You’re rewarded for your victory with a medal or trophy. If you’re a professional athlete, the reward is usually money.

However, everyday people experience victory in all kinds of situations. Overcoming any challenge or difficulty in life is a victory.

  • Accomplishing career goals
  • Overcoming a health crisis
  • Raising well-adjusted and responsible children
  • Having loving friendships

The feeling experienced when the doctor says you are “cancer free” or hearing the words, “your hired” is very empowering. If those things were accomplished, what else is awaiting?

Any victory, whether in sports or life, doesn’t just happen. It begins by setting a goal. The intention needs to be stated so the end is known. Whether the goal is to win the downhill skiing event in the Olympics or to follow a better nutrition plan for a healthier body, we have to know where we are going. Then the plan is created. Steps are listed, schedules are made, and action plans are determined. Hopefully, the implementation of the plan is stimulating and fun. However, when events happen that interrupt our plan or when sacrifices are needed to continue, knowing the end goal keeps us motivated and on course.

I am sure we’ve all had successes in life. Can you remember how that felt? I remember my first year of teaching. After all the education and all the interviews, I was hired as a 4th grade teacher in the same district where I attended school as a child. I felt so much pride. I was thrilled to be able to help these little ones learn and grow. I accomplished the one dream I had since I could remember….becoming a teacher. At the time, it brought me such joy and satisfaction. I’ll never forget those feelings.

I’ve had other victories in life but the one I’m most looking forward to right now……….succeeding as an Affiliate Marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate is my education. The training has helped me establish my goals. Each course has an organized plan with required tasks. It is challenging, as it is a completely new industry for me. Thankfully, there is plenty of support.

I just want to encourage everyone to remember what it feels like to be victorious…..the happiness and joy from deep within. Knowing that we persevered through all the ups and downs….we accomplished the goal. Picture yourself on that podium. The reward is knowing the service you provide helps people. The trophy is the weekly deposits into your bank account. Use wealthy affiliates and all that it provides. (Have you tried writing in SiteContent? I’m using it now...great spelling and grammar check…although it doesn’t like my…….)

Let Wealthy Affiliate help you tap into the feeling of victory!

We Can Do This Together!

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VeronicasLuv Premium
What a beautiful story, Debbie! That must have been surreal to have taught where you attended school as a child. Talk about coming full circle.

We may not always feel victorious, but we can read of the success of others to inspire us to help us move forward.
DebbieRose Premium
Absolutely..that's what I love about this forum. I can feel the excitement when others succeed and know I'll share a similar story soon. Thanks again for your comment.
LTMLifestyle Premium
Great content and a reminder to celebrate every success along the way. Challenges are a good thing as they help us grow, so definitely WA experience is going to be a victory once accomplished
DebbieRose Premium
Hey, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. We have to enjoy the process.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Debbie :)

You write amazingly well! there is a victory in itself. You didn't think you could but it didn't take long for you to perfect it.

Actually, that is a victory for me come to think of it. When I joined I did not know how to do anything that I am doing right now and you made me realize this from reading your post.

It was meant for me to see this, you are doing quite well already.

There are victories I won't forget, many milestones and we all have these in our lives. Hopefully many more to I wish for you right now :)

Yes I finally tried using SiteContent a little while and but what is it that you stated 'although it doesn't like my.....'
DebbieRose Premium
I know...some corrections we just have to ignore. Thanks Patty for your comments. Actually, I was thinking of you when writing this. I want my future posts to offer some technical help as you do....some sharing of my website challenges. All in due time.
PatsyC Premium
You are welcome.

I see, if the correction doesn't make sense for what we are doing, then I ignore it. Those spelling and grammar checks can be off at times.

Along the way you will find as I did, that my technical help is from my experiences while doing the lessons and working on my website. If I didn't find my answer after a search then I wrote those blog posts. This is how we all learn together and you will find that things will come up where you need the help. So you write a blog post.

Also, if I didn't undestand something I would work on it long enough to solve it, then I would write a post with my findings to share. It's not easy trying to solve things.

It makes us stronger and feel good to learn and share. Huge accomplishments.

A lot of the lessons are outdated so you will then see how you'll have to write a post about it like I did. It comes naturally, you'll see just like it happened to me.

Always here for you :)
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
For me everyday is a victory.
DebbieRose Premium
That's a winning attitude..thanks for commenting.
iJared Premium
You have been victorious in making your point with this post!
DebbieRose Premium
Love your clever responses...thanks!