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Last Update: August 17, 2019

My Niche Website built by following the training here at WA is about three months old. So far I am happy at how it is turning out. I must say there are still lots of issues I need to fix. However, the fact that there are visitors to the site though few, gives me the assuarance and some fulfillment that the messages are reaching some people. This is surely to me a good sign. Also Google Adsense approved the site a few weeks ago and now the site features adverts which I also need to review. I continue to work on increasing quality content for my site visitors and fix the other issues about SEO.

Thanks to all the good members of the WA who are always willing to assist.


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AndySmith12 Premium
Hi Debbie. That sounds like great news. Even though it may be a small amount of traffic at the moment, if you keep going I’m sure that that will build into larger and larger numbers. It’s really encouraging to those of us who are members that it is possible to be successful year at if you follow the training. I have a lot of work to do to my site but I just try make a bit of progress every day taking it steadily to reach my goals. All the best
Debbie46 Premium
Thanks Andy
BillandSue Premium
Hi Debbie,
That is wonderful news of your success. It really looks like you are on your way.

I guess all of us who have websites are always tweaking, reviewing, researching, and touching up our sites. If you getting visitors that is one giant step forward. Congratulations!

Best of success to you.

Bill & Sue
Debbie46 Premium
Thanks Bill and Sue
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Just at the beginning to polish my website Debbie. Your blog gives me great incentives to keep going. Thanks.

Debbie46 Premium
Thanks Lily
aaronlerch Premium
Well done Debbie, it's enjoyable to see that your work is delivering:-)
Carson2 Premium
Keep at it Debbie. You'redoing fine.