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Hi! Thanks for dropping by and I’m so excited to be on this journey with you. I tried affiliate marketing a few years ago but with





Can you tell what content was counted for clicks (content)?

Can you tell what content was counted for clicks (content)?

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I'm getting a few Clicks (Content) and now just wondering if there is any way of telling what that content actually is? I know that our blogs and questions here can

If you use bitlinks, that will show you what you are getting clicks on & where in the world people are clicking on your links from. I hope this is what you were asking about.

What are bitlinks?

Bitly, Bitlinks come further on in your training, you put the URL of your post into Bitlinks & it will make a unique URL which you then use on facebook, twitter etc & Bitlinks follows the traffic as to where it is coming from & how many clicks you are getting on the post. It is really interesting to see where people are from that are reading your posts & which posts are getting the most clicks.I hope this has answered your question, good luck

Thanks for the info. Yes it did answer my question.

No problem (=:

interesting question, i've often wondered this too

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Is it worth buying a premium wordpress theme?

Is it worth buying a premium wordpress theme?

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Hi everyone.

I’ve seen a few different opinions on this, but I really wanted to get some input from the community. Is it worth paying for a premium WordPress theme

I bought a Genesis theme and I love it. I love the support that Genesis offers and it is more customizable than some of the free themes I tried.

There are A WHOLE BUNCH of Free Themes (and if you - or a friend - know a bit about HTML/PHP and/or CSS, you can pretty much self-edit “most” of the free Themes, and end up with Exactly what you desire, For Free)

Are you unhappy with the Theme(s) you have worked with so far??

Have you come across a website Online that Really Appealed To You - and you would like to emulate? (If so, Simply Ask the owner or webmaster what Theme is in use)

For me, A Theme would have to be “All That”, before I would ever consider Paying for one.




Hi Joe. Thanks a lot, that’s such a useful answer. To be honest with you, I don’t know huge amount about HTML and other coding languages so I think for the moment I’m going to stick with a free theme as it seems to have most of the features that I’m after. Perhaps in the future I might look into the customisation that you suggest if I feel I need other options. All the best

I for sure will consider buying premium themes it has to benifit your business and websites in the log run.

All through in the training at WA, they say you will not have anymore expenses so this is A personal choice I would say.

Best Wishes,

Hi Levi. Thanks a lot for your input. As you say, I think I will probably stick with my free one for the time being whilst I’m still building my site and going through the wealthy affiliate training. Maybe in the future when the site is bigger and more advanced I might want the features of a premium theme but for now I don’t think I will. All the best

I may consider this for later sites if I see the need after I look at them, but most likely will stay with the free ones. An option for later consideration.

Hi. Yes I think I’m going to wait and see how things go before making any decision. There are some really cool free themes out there which are perfect for starting off sites here at wealthy affiliate. I might consider purchasing a premium theme later on once my site has grown if I need any more advanced customisation options. All the best

I was wondering about that also. Would be curious to know what every one thinks.

I think the free WordPress themes are really good and would recommend using them to start with when you build your first website.
However, it is completely up to you and if it’s what you want then you should go for it!
Whatever you do, make sure you research thoroughly before making your decision.
Good luck and I look forward to seeing your website with or without WordPress!!


Hi Tony. Thanks a lot. I’ll probably stick to a free WordPress theme for the time being whilst I build up my site and see how I go. It’s a lot of fun creating my site but everyone here with your funny it’s just so awesome it makes the process a lot easier. Maybe once I start earning decent money from my site I may invest in a premium theme,

That’s the ticket! Earn before you spend!!

I personally think that is not necessary to buy a Premium Theme. When you select theme you can always compare what extras you can get buying a premium theme, but yes usually it is just more customization options. It depend on what you need for your site. If you feel like you really need to have certain features which free theme is missing, I guess it could beneficial for you to buy a premium one, but if you think that free theme features and customization is enough for your site, then I wouldn't be bothered to buy one.

Hope that makes sense ;)


Hi Marius. Thank you forgetting back. I think for the time being in that case I’ll stick with a free theme (though I’m still not sure which one!). I think my theme for the moment is okay as I haven’t come across any specific features that I am missing, but I’ll see in the future how I get on with it.

All the best

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