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Good day, WA community members. I trust you are coping well at this time that the world is going through this difficult time due to coronavirus pandemic. Many countries like South Africa where I live are experiencing a national lock down, only allowing essential services. As we keep the recommendations to prevent infection and the spread of the communicable disease (COVID-19), let us also be sure not to increase our risk for non-communicable diseases (hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, art
Preparations are going on all over the world for the forthcoming Black Friday sale. Sellers are getting ready, marking their prices and stocking up where necessary. Buyers are preparing the list of items and putting aside the amount to be spent. I know folks who have saved through the year in preparation for the forthcoming Black Friday sale. Buyers have mapped of outlets to be visited and strategies to beat the rush that often goes with the day. What preparation can affiliate marketers makeAs
August 17, 2019
My Niche Website built by following the training here at WA is about three months old. So far I am happy at how it is turning out. I must say there are still lots of issues I need to fix. However, the fact that there are visitors to the site though few, gives me the assuarance and some fulfillment that the messages are reaching some people. This is surely to me a good sign. Also Google Adsense approved the site a few weeks ago and now the site features adverts which I also need to review. I con
Opportunity to Make More ImpactStarting off here at WA about six weeks ago as a free member was with a lot of curiosity and uncertainty. However, just few days down the line I started to feel comfortable that this might be genuine. Therefore, I upgraded to premium after one week. The information coming from the training and the supports coming from the community members are highly cherished. I was prepared to follow through every bit of the lessons to learn what I needed to learn so I can be su
I am glad to share that my contents are getting indexed in google. This is my second post on my niche area for my website. I like to encourage fellow newcomers that this is doable. My plan is to follow the training step by step and performing the actions. That is how I have written the 2 posts so far. Now I am on lesson 7 in Level 2 and about to write a new post with low-hanging fruit keyword. I am excited at how the result always turns out to be. My excitement is particularly on the fact that
Hi dears. I reached the first milestone in my 7 days journey at WA. today. It has been very interesting and instructive. I have learnt many things and developed great skills that will be needed for my online business. I am very eager to engage the ones ahead and prepared to put in my best getting equipped. Thanks to the my instructor; Kyle and all the good people I have contacted who willingly gave me help.