MailChimp Booted me!

Last Update: September 16, 2016

I've been moving along, my site has been up for about 21 days. My first google analytics showed me 350 unique vistors already, I've gotten 2 referrals, 1 upgraded to premium so I wanted to start building a mailing list. I have some friends that I put into the MailChimp list because I asked them if it was OK. Then I composed an email and in it I directed them to one of my posts on my site, specifically Before I know it I receive this message from them

Dennis Darragh

Sep 15, 2:26 PM EDT

Hello Dennis,

MailChimp is not able to serve as the email provider for your account with the username, because the content associated with your industry conflicts with our Acceptable Use Policy

Now thats a fine how do ya do!!!!!!!

I sent back a message to their compliance dept and it is because I have affiliate links on my site!

Just when I thought I was cruisin along good.

Before I go and set up with another email deal does anyone have any recommendations as to what service will work for our industry?



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RickElm Premium
Thanks for sharing this little hiccup you had with us Dennis. Hopefully you are able to get it all sorted out soon :)
DDarragh Premium
I believe I will try Aweber out!.
Sdaviscs1250 Premium
I use Aweber too. have been for 18 months.

Ykillian Premium
Yes, I would agree. When I was in another affiliate program, everyone used Aweber.

Do not loose hope. I feel Aweber is a better platform anyway :)
DDarragh Premium
Thanks I'm gonna give it a try, I hear they have a free month tryout
StepChook Premium
Yes, I second what Tim says - Aweber is the go!
DDarragh Premium
Thanks for checkin my blog post out!
Dreamer56 Premium
Aweber works well Dennis.
DDarragh Premium
Tanks for the info