All is well, sooner than expected

Last Update: June 09, 2014

OK, I admit I was scared.

But all is well and sooner than expected, so I am back!

Maybe I will have to take it a bit slowly, and be ready to leave at the drop of a pin.

But I am back and at present the horizon is quite clear.

Thanks to all my dear WA friends for their support and encouragement.

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Norleila Premium Plus
Hi Donatella, it's okay to be scared. This is natural reaction. Stay cool and face it. Never run away from it. I believe you have done well. Glad to have you back.
mrpeter Premium
Welcome back! Go easy.
Internetgranny Premium
That's so great to hear! Happy that all is well again.

I am especially happy to hear this right now since I've just read that another WA friend (Old Codger) is about to leave for a while. Our WA family is like a replica of a real extended family - problems come and get solved and new ones crop up.

Do take it a bit easy for a while to recover from the scare and from the exhaustion worry brings.
DBSTAR Premium
Thanks, I will. I feel the warmth of this family so much
Berny W Premium
Welcome back!
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Glad to see youback. If the horizon is clear watch the training and take action. The only difference between a successful marketeer and an usuccessful one is taking action.Even if the action is incorrect it can be changed if you do nothing, then that is what to get.