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When I started here at WA, a few months ago, I realized it had a great teaching potential, and I thought about a few conferences at my former teacher-training school about it. What stopped me, at the time, was the fact that many of the students I would be talking to did not possess a sufficient mastering of the English language to be working on their own, in order to follow the WA training. But the idea of passing on my acquired knowledge did not abandon me. In this last period I have been talk
OK, I admit I was scared. But all is well and sooner than expected, so I am back! Maybe I will have to take it a bit slowly, and be ready to leave at the drop of a pin. But I am back and at present the horizon is quite clear. Thanks to all my dear WA friends for their support and encouragement.
June 03, 2014
For the present. as a few of you might have noticed, I have been absent lately. Some family matters require my full time attention, and since I do not like to do things by half I am leaving this community. I will be back as soon as everything is back on track Thenks to all for your help and your friendship. All of you will be part of my life forever!
May 26, 2014
In this period I am spending more and more time in London. I find it difficult to keep up with the WA community and my website. So I feel I am not making a lot of progress, but I hope I will recover lost time.
May 23, 2014
This morning, while navigating the web in order to find some interesting information about an argument I wanted to write about (i.e. Capers) I stumbled on one of my posts. The pleasant surprise was to see that Google has restored my photo back, next to my post. I cannot deny I was happy to see it back!
I could not avoid noticing how many of the people I had got used to see daily posting and generally helping around have disappeared from WA. I know they are still memebers and with a high ranking, but I cannot but ask myself what has been happening to them it is strange, but I must say I am missing them.
May 15, 2014
The time of another stay in London has arrived and, while I am waiting to board my plane, I am watching tthe people all around. I love airports, and I always come early to watch - literally! The world go by. This form of observation has been giving me various ideas for blogs and posts, so this time is not really wasted. The first question I am asking myself is, why in books and films there is always a nice man, with interesting stories, sitting near the protagonist and I always get stuck with b
I do not know if it has been happening to other prople as well, but my website is branching out in the real world too. What I mean to say is that many people I normally see for various reasons, and with whom I have talked about my Mediterranean Diet website and the recipes I am publishing, are feeling involved. I am reciveing recipes and photos almost on a daily basis. even people I did not know well, and I was simply on a "smile and nod" relationship, are now giving me suggestions and ideas. T
May 02, 2014
I was reading a post by Bazboy247 about creating a niche, and that set me thinking, First of all I must say that, in selecting a niche you must have three things in mind 1) That you will have to work in it for a long time 2) That you will have to stay focused on it and not be sidetracked 3) That you will have to satisfy some needs of the readers. So, consider these points: 1) it is true that you are there to make money, and your choice must keep that goal in mind. But do ask yourself "how will
May1st is Labour day for many countries, Italy included. We celebrate a day dedicated to women who were killed while doing their work. But many people have forgotten the origin of this celebration. Many people do not consider how many jobs a woman does, in the course of her life, and how often she does not get any reward! So here is to you, sisters and friends, a poem I used to take leave from my students (mostly girls) after 5 years together. Hope you enjoy reading it! Ithaca When you start o