5 Years!

Last Update: Jan 26, 2021

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So here I am, 5 years after I first joined WA!

Whew! What a ride this has been! Ups and downs, but mostly ups! 🙂 I am grateful to have found this wonderful community and it has helped me to learn everything I needed to learn to become successful!

I still work my full-time job but I have this very healthy sideline now that enables me to take it easy during these uncertain times, while a lot of people struggle financially.

However, it's not just the financial benefits that has kept me here, it's the wonderful spirit of paying it forward that 99.9% of the members so graciously share with one another!

I just wanted to share this milestone with everyone, but especially all the new members that are uncertain about this platform:

Keep on going forward and push yourself to the limit and the rewards WILL become a reality. It's the law of the universe!

Have a great day and stay safe!


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Hi, Dennis.
We came on board at WA at around the same time five years ago.
I share your sentiments.

For me, WA is an addiction.

How can an addict leave something that gives hope and return into the future?

For me, It is still all about learning and trying to stay ahead of the curve.

So much is offered here that it sometimes becomes 'too much.'


I remain.

Kindest regards.

Paul Mindra.

Happy WAnniversary to you as well my friend!

Thank you and cheers.

Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. Enjoyed reading your reflection.

I really liked your ending comment: Keep on going forward and push yourself to the limit and the rewards WILL become a reality. It's the law of the universe!

It is true! And said in a unique way. Thanks for sharing.

We would agree this community is outstanding.

We wish you many more wonderful years at WA and with your online business.

Good afternoon Denis,

First of all, nice to see you again. 5 Years is quite a record as not all members here stay that long. Good to hear that your experience is mainly positive and is now helping you to overcome these difficult times.
I have completed my 4 years and plan to stay on as long as possible.

Greetings from the south of Spain,


Congratulations Denis.
I hope you've had a blast
Way to go
Wishing you many, many more years to come

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