Why do so Many Businesses Fail

Last Update: June 17, 2015

Have you been in your local shopping area lately and seen another business closed? Likely you have, we often hear of the collapse of a large corporation, we all remember Borders or we even see the corner store displaying a closed for business sign. Have you ever thought and asked the question Why do so Many Businesses Fail?

What are the causes of failure?

It can be any number of these situations listed below.

  1. Choosing the right Business and Market
  2. Lack of Cash Reserves
  3. Incorrect Pricing
  4. Diversification
  5. Limited Customer Base
  6. Rapid Growth
  7. Doing it all
  8. Commitment
  9. Right and Wrong Reasons
  10. Business Planning

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JewelCarol Premium
Like yr blog post, thanks very much, Darren, learnt something. :)
dazwilk Premium
Thanks, Jewel Carol, we can all learn something every day.
JewelCarol Premium
You are right, dear Darren, I am always learning something from you, lol. :)
Larry_T Premium
Sad but it true. Good list of reasons for failure.
Shawn Martin Premium
Seems they are dropping like flies
dazwilk Premium
Plan right and make sure we are not amongst them.