Doing Business in China

Last Update: June 17, 2015

Today with good international relations and new leadership has seen many government reforms; corruption is being weeded out and the economy is continuing to expand. All of this makes the current period a perfect time to invest and do business in and with China.

There are right and wrong ways of How to do Business with China, learning and understanding the business culture, business etiquette, meeting protocols and negotiation techniques are required for success.

Often Western Business people come to China and expect to conduct business the same as they would in their home country.

China has a long history and a very distinct culture this culture passes onto every step of life including business. When doing business in China, at times is daunting especially with the web of government controls and regulations. Understanding the business culture is needed to build relationships and untangle the web of bureaucracy, when you come in contact with Government Officials and Business Executives.

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JewelCarol Premium
Great blog post, thank you very much, Darren. China market is huge and growing so quickily, i just chanced upon this :
dazwilk Premium
Thanks, Jewel Carol, Living in China at this time is exciting money is everywhere and where there is money there is opportunity, and that's why I'm here!
NemiraB Premium
I did once. It worked well for me. I mean that got my product done. I was excited to know how it works. Creation, shipping, customs, agents. It was fun.
mrpage4u Premium
Thank for that I will have to keep my self more educated on there culture. I heard they were big on certain things like this but never the full run down thank you.