Business Planning for Success

Last Update: June 17, 2015

Business Planning for Success, the importance of writing a business plan can often be frequently overlooked, and many business owners only write a business plan when seeking finance and then often by the request of the financier. A business plan is not just a document for banks to read. A well-written business plan is a roadmap for your business success.

The best way to start is by using SWOT analysis With your ideas arranged and listed on paper, break these into;

Strengths: List your strengths and how these will give your business an advantage.

Weaknesses: List these and how they can affect your business be honest.

Opportunities: List out the opportunities you think are available to tap into you will be surprised at the different opportunities that are out there.

Threats: List out your known threats such as government policy changes and your competition, List unknown threats, this may take a bit of thought, it could be you are in an earthquake zone. How will you deal with these threats and what impact will they have on your business long term.

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JewelCarol Premium
Great advice, thanks for sharing, Darren. :)
Btw, thank you for commenting on my site and I have also commented on yr lovely site. :)
dazwilk Premium
Thank's Jewel
Mark-Dom Premium
This is great advice Daz, Fail to plan then you plan to fail.
dazwilk Premium
It's all in the plan, plan your work and work the plan