WOW 250! Followers

Last Update: March 15, 2017

What an incredible feeling I got today when I logged into my WA Acc and saw that I had reached

Since December 2016! It Amazing!!

(I pretty sure Usiba(@TheBuilder) was my 250th so Cheers Everyone!

So far I have really enjoyed my experience here at WA going through the training steps and getting some sites designed. I have also really enjoyed Interacting with all the members in the live chats, profile messages and private chat.

I struggled and got scammed for so long in the online business industry it was such a relief when I finally found WA. Just wish I found it 5 years ago (would of saved me loads)

Reaching 250 Followers in such a short space of time has been a shock to me to say the least and I am very grateful to everyone that decided they wanted to "follow lil' ol' me"

Moving Forward

I was trying to put together content for 2 websites while working all that around my 37.5 hour week day job and it proved extremely difficult (lesson learned)

So Now I am just focusing on doing one website which is my WA Site. I decided to stick with this one so I could go through the "Affiliate Bootcamp Training" to see what the training is about and give me an idea on how I can educate others to what they can learn if they come to WA

I also want that Vegas Trip for 2018 (I wont lie)

So I will be concentrating on

  • building out my WA Site
  • Continuing to offer help and advice in the Live Chats
  • Continue offering feedback for WA Members on Sites


  • Looking forward to the day I can Finally Call Myself A Full Time Business Owner Working From Home !!
No Doubt the continued trainings and my own desire will get me there !
Take care for now - See you in the Live Chats and Webinars With Jay!

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Cedes818 Premium
Best wishes on your success!
Daymo Premium
Thanks for good luck wishes appreciate it :)
Loes Premium
Glad to be one of them Damian:))
Daymo Premium
hahaha Cheers Loes. Feeling is mutual
AGOgden Premium
Good job!
Daymo Premium
Thanks for the support AG
Cherlaw075 Premium
Daymo Premium
Cheers for the support and follow Cherla look forward to following your WA Success journey too
WilliamBH Premium
Really great progress Damian .. congratulations! Cheers, William
Daymo Premium
Thanks again William appreciate your kind words once again