Embarking on the Success Journey

Last Update: Sep 10, 2019

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We are all on this journey together. No one is alone. No one is left behind alone. Regardless of how far you've come, the journey is the same.

The determination, effort, commitment and time we give into this journey will determine the outcome.

Some of us are moving at a snail's pace. Others are at full steam ahead. But the cool thing about this journey is, we are all looking out for each other.

Giving a hand or two to those who needed it. I just wish the physical community we are living today is like this, what will the world be like?

The journey we are all embarking on has a compass bearing that is set for us to navigate our way through. Be on course with the compass bearing and the journey will be an easy cruise.

All the best to you all as we are not alone.



Recent Comments


Similar journey, different experience!

Or we can say, same journey, different approach and different experience.

Thanks Stanley.


Thanks for your insight. We work at our own pace but are together in this journey

You're welcome.

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for sharing this most inspiring post about our journey here at WA. Indeed, it would be a wonderful world if the communities that we actually live in were like the WA community.
Much success to you!

Kind regards,

Hi Nichola,

You're welcome and thank you so very much for your invaluable time.

Best wishes and success to you.


Thanks for sharing Jasper. We will arrive at our destination in our own time.


You're welcome Derek.


Great post, thanks for sharing!

You are welcome.

"The hardest walk is walking alone,
but it's also the walk that makes you the strongest."

Thanks for sharing, Jasper.
All the best to you and cheers.

You're welcome and thank you.

Thanks for sharing Jasper.
Everyone is different and what works for one may not work as well for another.
We all have to find our right balance and what works for us best in regards to our online business.
Some go fast, some they need to go slower.
We all will get to the same place of success.
All the best
Darren :)

You're welcome and thank you.


I needed this, thank you.

You're welcome.

And welcome to WA and the community and most of all congratulations for becoming a premium member.

You are not alone and we are all not alone. We all embark on this journey together.

You're part of the most amazing community on earth. The compass bearing which is the training programs offered here will enable you to navigate your way through.

Learn as much as you can so will not go off course. Even seek a hand from the community should you needed one.

Thanks for the follow and being a part of my network. I am doing likewise.

Hope to get in touch with you as we all go through this together.


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