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September 21, 2019
Wow! I just cannot believe it. Time flies so fast.Am I dreaming or is it real? Am I a fairy, living in fairy land, with everything just within reach and as I thought of it?Such an achievement for me. Of course, it's small, not in a thousand and not as big as in actually earning but my following has grown to two hundred just within a space of six weeks.Firstly I would like to thank those of you, my followers, you know who you are, you've become a part of my network to bring me this far, thank yo
My country will be celebrating its 44th Independence Anniversary on the 16th of September, which is two days from today. As a citizen of this most beautiful and blessed country, with over 800 different languages, tribes and cultures, I am proud of my country.Because we are united as one nation.We've come a long way since gaining independence back in 1975. For the last 43 years, we've gone through all the rapid changes that has happened around the world. Since we are a part of the global communi
We are all on this journey together. No one is alone. No one is left behind alone. Regardless of how far you've come, the journey is the same.The determination, effort, commitment and time we give into this journey will determine the outcome.Some of us are moving at a snail's pace. Others are at full steam ahead. But the cool thing about this journey is, we are all looking out for each other.Giving a hand or two to those who needed it. I just wish the physical community we are living today is l
August 31, 2019
Having being in WA for the last three weeks was kind of life a changing experience for me. I have come to know some of the most wonderful people.Your words of wisdom and encouragement has really inspired me. Reading through all the blogs and comments have really motivated me.For this last week, I haven't really thought of building a website based on my niche. I was just going through all the blogs and comments and contributing to the discussions and also encouraging fellow community members.In
After a while in WA, I'm more than confident that financial success is at my finger-tips now. Although its like, less than a month but I'm overwhelmed with the support and encouragement I get from the community. Such an amazing community.Help, advice, encouragement, motivation, mentoring are all here in Wealthy Affiliate. Every body and every one has something to give to someone in need and I'm so thankful. This is what love is all about and this is what God wants each of us to do for one anoth
August 20, 2019
100 + 1! What an amazing achievement. I just cannot imagine how time flys. Such an experience. I am ecstatic and feeling overwhelmed.Sixteen days ago I joined this platform not knowing that I will come this far. Of course its not a big achievement but within this short period, my network have already reached a century plus 1, thank you egidio1955.Such an amazing and wonderful community to be part of.Special thank you to all my network, you know who you are. Without you, I wouldn't have come thi
August 18, 2019
How do you define failure? Failure is the most depressing situation one encounters in life. Failure comes in many ways. Be it in school, work, life, sports, family, marriage and the list goes on.I am opting out of my two previous blogs on success and I would like to write about failure. We are all here to be financial independent and successful. To realize success and to experience success. However, on the other hand, failure is also awaiting us. But then, I must say that its good. There's noth
August 15, 2019
We are all not born as equals. Some are born to be successful all throughout their life's journey. Some become successful through perseverance. Some become successful after failures. Life is not fair to human kind, but that is life. Success is not accomplished overnight and it does not come by easily. There are always prices to pay, process to follow, failures to face, tough times to face, hard decisions and sacrifices to make before one realizes and experience success.Remember this, millionair
August 10, 2019
Hi one and all,Having been on a full time job since graduating from university a decade ago, it seems my life is not getting me anywhere.I have goals and aspirations in life to achieve but then it seems my life is being controlled. Having to wake up every day, Monday to Friday at 5 a.m just to get myself prepared for the day ahead, which begins at 7:45 a.m and ends at 4:06 p.m. Then come home at around 5 p.m or some times at 5:30 p.m or 6 o'clock. Quite a tiring life.Committing all my time and