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My name is Dawn. I have been separated for almost 4 years, but I was blessed enough to get two great kids out of the deal. I lost my main full-time job 1. 5 years ago. I still have the part-time job I have had since 2014 but it's not enough to meet all of my obligations. I have had family help out but can't depend on that anymore. I have been struggling to meet my bills. After initially trying to find another full-time job (and still looking), I started researching making money online. At this point, my 0-15 hrs/wk part-time job is now a guaranteed 25-26 hrs/wk, and I clean houses, but it's not working out like I thought it would. I decided to set fear aside and start working towards some goals. I am hoping to be able to develop passive income from online marketing, not just to be able to pay my bills, but so that I can begin classes for nursing, then nutrition, and maybe even my long-term goal of being a Wellness physician.
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smartketeer Premium
Hi Dawn,

Thanks for following!

Here are my recommended WA posts for you: To YOUR success!

PaulREvans57 Premium
Hi, Dawn.
Welcome to WA. You have joined a great community here at Wealthy Affiliates. There is always someone around to help. I use Wa almost every day, and it is slowly replacing FB as my preferred social media. I learn something new every day. I hope you enjoy your stay and you have a fantastic journey.
Best wishes,
Be Happy!
andresh Premium
Hello, and welcome to WA; congratulations on going Premium! You've made a great decision, and may awesome things await ahead of you!

There's always going to be a helping hand around here, Wealthy Affiliate's community is really incredible. Feel free to ask any question anytime.

My best wishes to you!

BillandSue Premium
Hi Dawn,
Sue and I welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate. Your choice to go to the Premium level was an excellent. one.

When we joined Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago, we looked the option of the starter level and the Premium level. It didn't take long to decide which was the best. We have never regretted that choice.

The Premium level offers you an abundance of training which might seem overwhelming at first but it well organized if you go step by step.

TheWealthy Affiliate Community is first Class as there is always someone who will repsonde to your questions or comments.

We wish you the very best of joy and success here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Bill & Sue
gashihekuran Premium
Hi! Congrats on going premium!
Wish you a lot of success here at WA!

Windykaisav Premium
Ciao and welcome to the family.... If your wondering if going premium was the right thing to do... Stop wondering... You did the video right thing... You're a part of a family now that between members and site support ( they are amazing!) You'll get the hang of it in no time and lots of new friends in the meantime! Welcome and good luck in all you do!

Windy Kai Wkhummingbirdstudios.com
kehaiz1 Premium
Welcome friend to premium membership. Solid decision requiring determined effort. I want to trust that you are ready and I wish you well in all that. Take care!
ArmaniTol Premium
Greetings, Dawn! Welcome to the premium side of the WA community. May you be successful in your online business ventures. All the best.
MikeC69 Premium
Congratulations of upgrading to premium!
Looks like you are really serious about building your business !
Best of success !
VicLees Premium
Hello, I just wanted to take the time and welcome you to WA Premium! You will not regret your decision. I wish you much success in your new business.
Mllafrance Premium
Hello Dawn,

Just read your bio and I wanted to wish you great success with your goals. I too I’ve been looking for online work for a long time and I think that putting fear aside and joining WA is the best decision we could have made.

All the best!
Dawnm12 Premium
Thank you. I wish you great success as well. Look forward to talking with you during the process.
3tripleA Premium
Hi Dawn. Welcome to WA and congrats on going premium. Looking forward to your success. Keep pushing forward,

Best wishes
Dawnm12 Premium
Thank you very much!
onmyownterms Premium
Welcome to WA!

You may find this post helpful on your journey.
sherlock77 Premium
Hi Dawn,

Thanks for accepting my invitation and welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate family. You signed up through me and I just wanted to let you know that you've made a great choice in being here. There really is no better place to learn how to start a business online and all the members here are ready and willing to help you.

It's free to browse the site and take the first 10 lessons of the starter training. You even get to create and host 2 websites at zero cost to you. Need to know something or have some questions? Merely post in the Live Chat or ask a question and the friendly and helpful members here will tell you what you need to know. You're also most welcome to send me a message and I'll help you out as best I can.

To get started just add a photo and a few paragraphs about yourself to your profile. Wealthy Affiliate is a community based training platform, and the more 'human' your profile is the more people will likely interact with you and help you out.

After setting up your profile I recommend you check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification training, which is located on the left menu under the green "Training" tab. This takes you through the process of getting started in your new online business step by step. The lessons are a combination of text and video, and very easy to follow. You can access the training here: For more help, read my Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started Guide here - https://manyincomestreams.com/getting-started/getting-started-in-wealthy-affiliate-a-brief-beginners-guide

It's great to see you here, Dawn. Have a good look around and get active. You'll be so glad you made the decision to join.

Talk to you soon....

Cheers, Darren