Day 25 Affiliate Bootcamp Course 1, Lesson 4

Last Update: December 07, 2013

Still working on my site and taking the lessons offered here. I like to be thorough so I'm still on lesson 4 course 1. But trust me when I tell you that I am know an expert on wordpress. Thanks guys.

Places I've been yesterday:

Here Beverly lists places where you can go to get images paid or free.

Where to find images for your website Tutorial by BIS

Here Kyle show you some of the most popular sources of "royalty free" images for your website.

How to Find & Add Images to Your Website Video by Kyle

Here Welshy helps you find free images that you can use without any link back attribution.

How To Find Free Images To Use On Your Website Video by welshy

Quote from Richard "I'm a firm believer that great images add immeasurably to a visitor's perception of a website".

OK, this is... DISGUSTING !! Just. Ugh. By @RICH.

Title says it all

Rich says "grab a bargain for your site today, rather than just splashing-the-cash on yet another useless icecream gizmo for yourself tomorrow?"

CYBER SUNDAE – Scoop Yourself Some Early Discounts !! By @RICH.

Here Veronica describes how to you monetize your site.

6 Ways to Make Money with Your Wordpress Blog Tutorial by veronica.l

Last night I attended a live webinar with Jay where he shows what you can do to make YOUR website and online business stand out amongst the crowd.

Standing Out Amongst the Website Crowd Webinar by magistudios

Well thats it for now thanks for stopping by


All questions and comments welcomed or if I can help please mail me and I'll do my best to get you the answer.

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JoeFlow267 Premium
Thank you David for sharing.
DavidCortez Premium
judebanks Premium
Handy to have all these links in one place, thanks! I missed the one by Welshy, so I'm I dropped by. Your site is coming along beautifully. Keep up the good work. ~ Jude
DavidCortez Premium
Thank you, couldnt of done it without the support and advice from WA Community
Gordi Premium
I think the same as you, it's best to go slow, and really learn lessons well before moving on.
DavidCortez Premium
from what i can tell. getting traffic and ranking on search engines takes a while so why rush to go through all the lessons. In fact as I go through I find other info related that might either help or gear me in other directions. Thank for taking the time to comment.