Thanksgiving Wishes

Last Update: November 28, 2013

I hope all my friends here have a terrific Thanksgiving and those who are out of the country who don't celebrate it I hope you have a great day as well. We all have something to be thankful for. I am also very thankful for everything here at Wealthy Affiliate. What are you thankful for?


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alexisnilo Premium
I thank you all at Wealthy Affiliate.
msdj8163 Premium
This is my first Thanksgiving living in Europe. I do miss it very much but connected with my family and friends today. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Thank you for sharing. Debbie
Poetman Premium
Much to be thankful for: My mom is in continued good health (knocks on wood) At just past the 18 month mark since my dad passed due to cancer, the healing is easier now. And I'm thankful he is not suffering. I'm thankful too, for becoming an uncle for the first time! Closer to home; for having the food to cook and getting the stress parts done last night, our pets, my daughters, my writing, WA, discovering my niche and what a release it has been! Daily thanks, always, for green traffic lights when I was *sure* they would turn yellow I was so far away. I say "thank you!" to the traffic angels on those times.
For laptops and computers, that let me communicate without looking stupid due to the hearing loss. Last but definitely NOT least, my two invites :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Internetgranny Premium
'We all have something to be thankful for.' How true, David.

In general, I am thankful for my children and lovely grandchildren, but right now, roughly a year after a hip replacement operation, I am also thankful that I can walk fairly well again and that I am free from pain.

And I am grateful to Kyle and Carson for the special offer that made me return to WA, and for all they have done and do on a daily basis to make WA into the great community it is.
Jenna7 Premium
Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else. :)

I am thankful for my kids, my family, Wealthy Affiliate(and the fact that Kyle and Carson make the price of membership affordable), for already successful marketing members that lend their time and expertise to help others, my pets, having a sense of humor because life would be too difficult and boring without it, and air conditioning.
David_S Premium
That's one heck of a list Jenna and I love it ;) Have a great one!
mikesdesk Premium
Hi David wish you a very happy thanks giving, all the very best. Mike
David_S Premium
Thank you Mike.