Use of Video for Affiliate Marketing In 2022

Last Update: Dec 27, 2021

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Hi, Everyone...

Today I wanted to emphasize the importance of video marketing in your affiliate marketing efforts. Content is the king as I have heard so often, but there are different formats the content can be presented through.

Now Is The Time!

As we approach 2022 (next week!), you likely are preparing for the new year and your content and marketing plans for the next 3 months. If this is you, congratulations! You are ahead of the game (many are not!).

This short post will walk through how video is more important than ever, how to plan your workflow, and get past some of the barriers we all put in front of ourselves when it comes to using video in our marketing, etc.

I highly recommend that you consider adding video to any element of your business that could benefit, and indeed, there are many areas where it would complement whatever it is that you are doing now.

If you are new to the game or a seasoned marketer, video can work in your favor. Quite naturally, there are some marketers that will take to creating this sort of media and some that will not.

Let me explain why I think we all should use more video..


Why Video?

Some content formats work better than others for your audience. There are audiences that will not read any further than the headline and byline no matter how engaging they may be.

The attention span people have on average keeps going down as each new version of the "smartphones" are introduced.

Kind of an oxymoron, but that is the fact these days. Something of an indicator too of where we are heading as a society too, unfortunately..

In any case...

Keeping it simple, easy to get through, and digestible/absorbable makes sense for these individuals. They are also ones that are buying online too, with their cards all set to whip out and use with the pay apps they have on the phones they use.

Other Considerations...

- Additionally, it depends on the goals you may have for the content. In most instances, the video will be a positive for your mix of content. People appreciate the video format, they are used to it, they want it easy and fast.

- The subject you are creating content around also matters - Is the content a review, is it explainer content, or perhaps it is a "how-to" walk-through of a program or a service type of content?

In all use cases above, a related video might be just the trick to get more traffic, more subscribers, more retention, more click-through rates (CTR), and more conversions. It does require some planning to make that happen...


Getting Over Shyness...

Many marketers still avoid using video due to their unwillingness to appear in front of a camera. Fair enough.

Did you know that some of the most successful YouTube Channel owners NEVER appear in front of a camera, yet they are doing very well?

If you plan well and use some of the freely available resources out there, you can easily prepare videos that include only images, slides, and CTAs (call to action).

These types of videos will work for many situations.

Think about Canva (graphics), think of OpenShot (video editing software), use Google Slides (slide creation tool), and try Audacity (audio recording). All tools that can be used to build your videos.

In all cases above - think "free" too!.

Yes, all these tools can be used at no cost to build your videos. There are paid programs out there, but especially starting out, free is good (enough).

Did you notice the one item I left off? A camera!

Yes with the above tools you can create to your heart's content, and no need at all to appear in front of any camera, period!

There ARE other considerations, however...


Do The Homework...

To get the best result with those free tools, you definitely want to do some keyword research, plus research the competition, look at what they are doing, and see what is trending on YouTube or elsewhere where you want to post or have the video posted.

Sounds like article marketing?

As with article or review post content marketing, this research is going to make sure that you are targeting subjects and phrases that people are searching for.

You also will not waste time creating content that you have no chance competing for (as with article marketing there are some phrases you literally have no chance of ranking for)...


SEO for videos is actually less complicated than blog article SEO I find, it is pretty basic. Thumbnails, title, descriptions, tags, keywords/phrases in the title, in the description, and etc. all can be completed quite quickly.

The SEO portion can be fleshed out as you do your research. Make notes of keywords, the tags, the video descriptions, the thumbnails, any comments, and even the tone of the content as you do your research.

What approach was used that makes the video work for viewers? What did they miss? How can you build on what they have created?

This is all done as you collate the research results and create the storyboard and script for your video.

This whole process sounds quite easy (or not - but it is easy) but it can be hard to pack a lot of information into a small segment of time.

That is the beauty of video, however (I think). More engaging than an infographic, a video will keep viewers' attention (if planned and edited properly).


Getting Over The "It Is Too Much Work" Wall

Been there, done that. It can be easy to just throw your hands up in the air and declare that this is all just too much work.

Today that is no longer true.

There are plenty of free tools out there to plan a script, create slides, record a voiceover (audio), and splice it all together fairly quickly.

At that point, the next step is building a production workflow or system becomes important. You have the tools, you have the ideas, now it is planning how to use the content and the tools to get your video done and published.


My Experiences

I am no expert by any means but I do have an opinion!.

Here is my feeling on using video for your marketing/business:

"It is essential. You are missing out on a major source of free traffic if you ignore video.

Even if not fully competent (who is?), the way to get better is to do it.

Again and again.

Remember: Even a bad video is better than no video."

I Suggest Drill Down Training

Many likely would like to get some specific training on the free tools I mentioned in this short post and to get that I recommend looking here within the WA platform and on YouTube.

There is a plethora of training on all the tools mentioned, and likely you will find other tools that can help you as well.

Plus if you are looking for training on the video creation process, what equipment you need to set up a home studio, and other tips, you will find that on YouTube as well.


On our channel, we have developed a library of curated videos addressing business model subjects and some core competency subjects.

There are more channels that do the same, so if you can find one, it may make the learning curve easier...

Do the search as you do for Google and I am sure that you will get results...

... .

Wrapping Up...

I like to use video, and I like combining formats.

As not everyone consumes one kind of content, combining an article with a congruent video can help you attract more people and keep them longer on your pages.

My time-on-site numbers have gone up over the months and years where I use video.

I even try to get a little SEO juice by taking care of the metrics as I create and publish the videos.

Likely, it will do the same for you.

Not only that, you are capturing a segment of the target audience that you might otherwise miss out on as they will not read an entire article or review.

They may not pay any attention to the article, but they will watch the video.

So I urge all to consider getting the training you need, the tools you need and taking the time to see how video can fit into your marketing plans for 2022.

Best of Luck, Stay Safe, and Have a Great New Year!


Coach Dave : )

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Recent Comments


I agree Dave. I'll be ramping up my video-making this year. For my subject matter, the video aspect is crucial. I'm hoping to really hone my video skills this year, it's only something I started doing in the last 6 or so months, after much hesitation!! To my surprise I've actually found it a lot of fun. I use my content as the basis so much of the work is already done.

For any Premium Plus members, I would highly recommend Eric's training on this subject (Class 4 is coming up this week, the others are available on replay). BenjisDad (Chris) also has a series which I'll be getting stuck into this week.
Jay has some training that's available to Premium members and I would recommend this also for anyone who wants to make a start in video.

Thanks Dave and wishing you an awesome year ahead.

Melissa, thanks for the info about the training for all of us :-)


Great info, Melissa! Thanks for taking the time to get everyone up to speed! It sounds like you are well on your way to having a good 2022!


Dave : )

Ah, some great thought food for this morning. Ya I have been gearing up for creating videos, however did not put the part together to use it over here also.

I picked up a Roland GoMixer Pro for getting pro audio into my phone, been using that mainly in my sound studio when I have a guest, get the file on a flash and give it to them to brag about later. Create new clients that way and now for me new Vlogs I will be creating.

Thanks for the ideas to feed my creativity bug.

Happy New Year.

The Zam man.

Love the handle Zam man!

That sound mixer is heavy-duty! I am sure it creates some sounds that are out of this world.

I like the idea of thinking out of the box. I am so into this video thing now because it works and is easier than writing a 2000 word blog post haha!

I have some upgraded video software that I use regularly, Creative Studio is one (it does the 3-D plus a bunch more styles) and of course, I also have Camtasia (version 2020)...

The first tool is for promos mainly while the second I use to create lessons and courses for our programs. At first, it takes some time to get the vids together but over time it gets easier...

The more you play with it, the more the creativity angle comes into play. It sounds to me like the video thing is right down you alley!

Cheers and all the best for 2022!

Dave : )

The Roland GoPro mixer is in reality simple a small mixing board, it allows a path in for a real mic, and you can go nuts with it and add in Keyboard, a guitar, and an mp3 player. It is only like $150 so easy to get one. The audio is very simple though for it is just mono. but between that and a Tascam recorder, I can capture the audio twice, get it into a DAW and use the best of the two, or combine if needed. This new stuff is so cool. Back in the 70s, I took a cassette recorder player and headphoned out into a guitar amp, all I had back then, and then plug my guitar into the other amp and play along to the song, hauling that around in my little sister's little red radio flyer was a pain in the butt, now all that is in my backpack.

Now I am looking at a $250 zoom camera that I can use for livecast, recording, and capturing audio all in one. but with my two Galaxy phones, the S-10+, and the S-21+ I have the cameras I need for most anything now. With the latest addition, the I-Phone 13 Pro Max, I have some really good cameras for capturing video now. Now to learn how to use them for Vloging, and doing live events and webcasting. This is gonna be fun.


I do live sessions (coaching, cajoling, and team meetings) and use my phones as well for video, plus a couple of apps to be able to show a whiteboard from an old MS-based (prior to the Surface touch screen systems in use these days) handheld computer...

My office looks like a spaceship command center, haha! The more you start playing with doing things a little out of the box, it just gets more and more fun I think.

Still, I have a long ways to go, and my final setup will likely be quite different, but for the moment it works. That experimentation also helps you grow I think.

I screw things up (once did a whole hour of class before realizing the audio wasn't recording, and another time had some sort of wailing sound throughout a 1 1/2 hour live session I was recording!)...

Phoenix is a cool place, used to go there for classes in another earlier life (University of Phoenix)...Met a wonderful person from Puerto Rico while there on one of my trips, and ended up heading there instead of back to Germany...

Ahhh the memories...


Dave : )

I do the mobile life, on the road for about 5 months out of the year. Here at the ice rink in my zam tent I got a fairly cool system worked out including the mobile kitchen. My photo was just around the corner from Hooters, had to wait to get seated so when on photo adventure.

Iin my zam tent, the condo I have two monitors, my Mac mini, MacBook pro and I record audio in here or back at my hotel room.

Command central, haha, looks great.

Time to do my zamboni thing and get my rink ready for opening.

Sounds like a perfect setup! The Zamboni I am familiar with, grew up on the Canadian border...Lots of months seeing it in action as a kid! An ideal job I think!


Dave : )

I used Google Slides, Canva, and OpenShot. They are great tools for making videos from your post.
I got away from this the second half of this year, just now putting together the next video.
Openshot is one of the best free video editors, lots of YouTube help if you need to do something special.

Hi, John!

Yes, I recommend starting out with a free tool like OpenShot. It works well, is fairly easy to work with, and as you say, lots of free training on how to get the most out of it.

The Audacity audio tool is another one I find myself using a lot. It can be difficult to match your voiceover with the slides, images, or video clips you may be using so they synch and flow well...

The Canva tool is my go-to site for every kind of marketing - things like logos, short story videos, all kinds of graphics. I have the paid version, but free still offers a lot...

Lastly, the Google Sheets and other free Office-like tools will work well for most people. I have Microsoft 365, but still use the Google Docs, and Sheets too...

The thing is many people are reluctant to do video but it really is not that hard, and the SEO is pretty straightforward (for YouTube anyway)...


Dave : )

I have only used Audacity for converting vinyl and cassette to digital.
I do video for a local theater group, one day sound did not work on one side. Getting the sound to match was quite a chore. With openshot it is easy to slide the sound.
I like the Google docs because you can open them on different devices without a memory card.

Yes, John, these are all pretty good tools and I like the free aspect! It sounds like you know your way around them and use them too...


Dave : )

Thanks for sharing this Dave. Up until now I haven't been using video, but recently subscribed to Invideo. I also have Canva Pro, so no excuse now!!

Yes, indeed, Kathy...

Once you get going it gets easier, it is the start that is so hard.

You may find that it is a lot more fun than writing after some time.

I am such a wordy person that it forces me to condense my points and thoughts into a more succinct message (a good thing!)...

Wish you the best of luck and have a safe and happy New Year celebration!

Dave : )

Thanks for the words worth considering, and just in time to create a prosperous 2022. I intend to keep your article in my “most valuable” folder, Dave 👍


Hello, Margaret!

Great! I think I will be expanding more on using video in the coming year through the blog here, I believe it can help so many people get more traffic, subscribers, and conversions...

Wishing you a super 2022, and enjoy what is left of 2021 too!


Dave : )

Thanks, Dave, and cheers backatcha :-)

: )

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