lost and confused

Last Update: January 04, 2017

For years I worked at a business that was pretty cool house painting I accomplished many my goals or wants at that time.

I just came to point in my life is this all there is because i knew there had to be better way it was very demanding and if i didn't work i didn't make money.

I searched and went to seminars and events to learn better way of making money instead of draining myself physically and emotionally but i just felt that getting into flipping houses and have apartment complexes would be like jumping out frying pan into fire and hell of a lot of work.

i needed something less strenuous and less time consuming to have more free time to do what ever i wanted.

i also realised if i was going to move on to better things that my self image of how i dealt with things also had to change cause even though i'd acomplished a lot of material goals my personal life stunk.

i was to busy to even have life and this was problem because it caused me to be way out of balance and not happy, so now what do i do because moving forward without addressing this would just compound this issue.

I began reading self improvement books, reading others books on Think and Grow Rich and increasing my mindset, in the intrume of developing my self within i began to see things in better light and life seems much more meaningful.

I stumbled across wealthy affiliate do to my lack of funds to get in programs like wealthy affiliate but much more costly and perchance not exceeding.

Everything happens for reason and leads you to where you need to be and sometimes not, but i feel very good about wealthy affiliates it just seems like many good things are about to arise and meeting others on same path is fantastic.

The two guys Kyle and Carson and others in back ground that put this together made an enormous effort to fulfill many dreams to reality and i can't be more delighted just hope i can break through and have best life i ever dreamed posable here on.


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drjec Premium
Thanks for sharing High five back,
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Great story, thanks for sharing it with us. Glad you've found a home here at WA.