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February 09, 2019
I am trying to settle down and be comfortable watching videos to understand what has to be done to be marketer.Some days I feel I'm getting it and some days I'm totally lost, am I just going crazy or is this to be expected.Writing and reading were never my greatest assets and this stuff seems very interesting but very time-consuming and intimidating.I do realize that I have gotten wee bit better with this machine called computer and it's a whole different world opened up.Since my move from a ho
January 26, 2017
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January 25, 2017
I've been settled in this house I built up from 2 bed rm. to 4 bed rm. 3 bath with rec.rm. above 2 car garage. I am in process of moving due to my misfortune and it is really chore to go through everything i've accumulated after 35 yrs. of settling in. I had no idea really how much i had till i had to go through it piece by piece and try to keep it organized so i stay on track of most important stuff at this time. i know i'm not th
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January 14, 2017
Every day I get up wanting to go through WA and learn and work program to finally make money in a way I've never known posable,problem is I'm heading towards Sheriff sale and my mind is racing in all sorts directions as to whats needs immediate attention.I have to sort through stuff that accumulated after years of being here and its bit difficult to be spread so thin in all directions, i believe starting a new will be good, but its hard looking over stuff and deciding what goes what gets sold o
January 04, 2017
For years I worked at a business that was pretty cool house painting I accomplished many my goals or wants at that time.I just came to point in my life is this all there is because i knew there had to be better way it was very demanding and if i didn't work i didn't make money.I searched and went to seminars and events to learn better way of making money instead of draining myself physically and emotionally but i just felt that getting into flipping houses and have apartment complexes would be
2 comments wonderful to see these vessels, they don't get there with out team work lets all put are brains and hearts together to create best to be expected for others and self so we can all enjoy life together its lonely at top with out friends and hugs and kisses
For the past few years i desperately tried to make money online. With virtually no skill on computer i seeked younger person that i thought could help me with computer and to have as companion towards better life. I stuck my neck out to trust and believe that I would find the person and thanked my lucky stars for this person. I sent money for air fare and explained niche to work on but she never came. I even went so far as to go to airport to meet and greet in state of total fear and joy. I was
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